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  • Twiggy

    The High-Stakes Life of Andrew Forrest

    by Andrew Burrell

    “Not just a terrific read, but an important life to have on the national record.” – George Negus The swashbuckling West Australian entrepreneur Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest took on mining giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto at their own game – and won. In this unauthorised biography, Andrew Burrell traces Twiggy’s business triumphs and disasters to reveal the complicated man behind the myth. Why do his ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Beneath Hill 60

    by Will Davies

    The story of the Australian miners and soldiers who tunnelled under Hill 60 near Ypres and eventually broke through to create a new frontline.On 7 June 1917, 19 massive mines shattered the Messines ridge near Ypres. Ten thousand German soldiers died and the largest man-made explosion in history up until that time smashed open the German frontline.Two of these mines, at Hill 60 and the Caterpillar, ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • Heartbreak in the Valleys

    An emotional, romantic WW1 saga of courage and hope

    by Francesca Capaldi

    Shortlisted for The Romantic Novelists' Association Historical Romantic Novel Award 2021The world was crumbling, but her love stayed strongNovember 1915. For young housemaid, Anwen Rhys, life is hard in the Welsh mining village of Dorcalon, deep in the Rhymney Valley. She cares for her ill mother and beloved younger sister Sara, all while shielding them from her father’s drunken, violent temper. ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Clive

    The story of Clive Palmer

    by Sean Parnell

    Cliver Palmer, MP, leader of the Palmer United Party and big-spending billionaire: now here's the true story behind the larger-than-life Queenslander. Read the real story behind the larger-than-life Queenslander: MP, leader of the PUP and big-spending billionaire.He's bought a football team, helped create a political party, added robot dinosaurs to a luxury golf resort and is set to recreate the ... Read more

    $16.99 AUD

  • Too Much Luck

    The Mining Boom and Australia’s Future

    by Paul Cleary

    We think we are the lucky country, but what we really have is dumb luck – too much luck, more than we know what to do with. In Too Much Luck, Paul Cleary shows how the resource boom, which seems a blessing, could well become a curse. We have never seen a boom quite like this one. Under-taxed and under-regulated, multinational companies are making colossal profits by selling off non-renewable ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Big Coal

    Australia's Dirtiest Habit

    by Guy Pearse and 2 more

    Australias dirtiest habit is its addiction to coal. But is our dependence on it a road to prosperity or a dead end? Are we hooked for life? And who is profiting from our addiction? Former lobbyist and political insider Guy Pearse, media and politics commentator David McKnight and environment writer Bob Burton cut through the spin to expose the underbelly of an industry whose power continues to ... Read more

    $14.51 AUD

  • All The Dark Secrets: The Families of Fairley Terrace Sagas 1

    by Jennie Felton

    series The Families of Fairley Terrace #1
    All The Dark Secrets is a powerful saga in the Families of Fairley Terrace series from Jennie Felton, in the grand tradition of Katie Flynn, Dilly Court and Josephine Cox, of one woman's quest for happiness after a bitter tragedy, filled with romance, drama and triumph in adversity.Shattered by tragedy, can the Donovan family find happiness again?When terrible tragedy strikes at the local ... ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Miner's Daughter: The Families of Fairley Terrace Sagas 2

    by Jennie Felton

    series The Families of Fairley Terrace #2
    The Miner's Daughter is the second heartrending saga in Jennie Felton's Families of Fairley Terrace series, in the grand tradition of Katie Flynn, Dilly Court and Josephine Cox, of one woman's quest for happiness after a bitter tragedy, filled with romance, drama and triumph in adversity.When everything is lost, can a fresh start save the Day family?When Annie Day at number four, Fairley Terrace, ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • The Denniston Rose

    by Jenny Pattrick

    A number one bestseller, this favourite New Zealand novel captures a real 19th century community.The bleak coal-mining settlement of Denniston, isolated high on a plateau above New Zealand's West Coast, is a place that makes or breaks those who live there. At the time of this novel - the1880s - the only way to reach the makeshift collection of huts, tents and saloons is to climb aboard an empty ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Quarterly Essay 33 Quarry Vision

    Coal, Climate Change and the End of the Resources Boom

    by Guy Pearse

    series Quarterly Essay #33
    This is an essay about “quarry vision”, the mindset that sees Australia’s greatest asset as its mineral and energy resources – coal especially. How has this distorted our national politics and our response to climate change? What happens now that our coal-fired resources boom has gone bust?In this powerful essay about the national interest, Guy Pearse discusses the future of the coal industry and ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Mine-Field

    The Dark Side of Australia's Resources Rush

    by Paul Cleary

    It is not a case of governments and companies putting royalties and profits before people; instead it is as though people don’t matter at all …In Mine-Field, Paul Cleary counts the true cost of Australia’s mineral addiction.Whether it be coal-seam gas, LNG or coal mega-mines, a resources rush is happening in just about every productive corner of our country. Yet at the same time oversight and ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • The Girl Below Stairs: The Families of Fairley Terrace Sagas 3

    by Jennie Felton

    series The Families of Fairley Terrace #3
    The Girl Below Stairs is the third powerful saga from Jennie Felton, in her Families of Fairley Terrace series, in the grand tradition of Katie Flynn, Dilly Court, Maggie Hope and Josephine Cox, of secrets, romance, drama and triumph in the wake of a bitter tragedy.'Believable characters, a vivid sense of time and place, thoroughly enjoyable' Rosie GoodwinEdie Cooper has grown up at Fairley ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Australia's Fossil Heritage

    A Catalogue of Important Australian Fossil Sites

    by The Australian Heritage Council

    The National Heritage List was created in January 2004 to recognise, celebrate and protect places of outstanding heritage value to the nation. National heritage encompasses those places that reveal the richness of Australia's extraordinarily diverse natural, historic and Indigenous heritage. One aspect of natural heritage that has been little explored is Australia’s wealth of exceptional fossil ... Read more

    $47.95 AUD

  • At the Coalface

    My life as a miner's wife

    by Catherine Paton Black

    Growing up in a mining family, Cath's husband Doug promised his father he wouldn't follow in his dangerous footsteps. But after struggling with terrible poverty in 1970s Scotland, Doug decided a pit job would provide his wife and young family much needed security, despite extraordinary risks to life and limb. Every day, Cath kissed her husband goodbye, not knowing if she'd see him again as he went ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Gold: Greed, innovations, daring and wealth

    by Jill Blee

    Since ancient times gold has exerted a powerful fascination for humankind. Symbol of wealth and riches, it has influenced the rise and fall of empires and changed the course of history. In Australia, its discovery sparked frenzied gold rushes that opened up large parts of the land to settlement, transformed Melbourne and Sydney from colonial outposts into two of the worlds most vibrant cities, and ... Read more

    $4.54 AUD

  • Blockchain: The complete guide to understanding Blockchain Technology for beginners in record time

    by Anthony Idalion

    Want To Learn Everything About the game-changer for the world of finance ? Learn how you can benefit from Blockchain Now...!!!This is an excelent book for beginners to understand the Business potentials of Blockchain !Blockchain is a way of revolutionizing business transactions. It was developed in conjunction with Bitcoin technology but can be applied just about everywhere and has enormous ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Regolith Science

    by Keith Scott and 1 more

    This comprehensive reference on the fundamentals of regolith geoscience describes how regolith is developed from parental rocks and emphasises the importance of chemical, physical, water and biological processes in regolith formation. It provides details for mapping regolith landforms, as well as objective information on applications in mineral exploration and natural resource management. Regolith ... Read more

    $100.09 AUD

  • Sustainable Futures

    Linking Population, Resources and the Environment

    by Jenny Goldie and 1 more

    Sustainable Futures explores the links between population growth, diminishing resources and environmental challenges, and the implications for Australia's future. Written by leaders in their field, and based on presentations from the 2013 Fenner Conference on 'Population, Resources and Climate Change', this book is a timely insight into the intertwined challenges that we currently face, and what ... Read more

    $32.00 AUD

  • Getting Gold: A Practical Treatise for Prospectors, Miners, and Students

    by J. C. F. Johnson

    This edition features a linked Table of ContentsFrom the Preface...The gold-mining industry has grown considerably since 1891, and it appeared to the writer that the present would be a propitious time to bring out a similar work, but with a considerably enlarged scope. What has been aimed at is to make "Getting Gold" a compendium, in specially concrete form, of useful information respecting the ... Read more

    $5.67 AUD

  • Kicking the Property Ladder: Why buying a house makes less sense than renting - and how to invest the money you save in shares, gold, stamps and more

    by Robin Bennett

    Is property investment all it is cracked up to be? Buying a house has become a byword for financial security; renting is dismissed as a lacklustre alternative to a mortgage and the bounties of ever-rising property prices. But what if it's not true? What if renting represents far better value for money - and the best financial decision you could ever make is NOT buying your own house? Did you know ... Read more

    $6.08 AUD

  • Strictly Mining Boardroom Vol. 2

    A practitioner's guide for next generation directors

    by Allan Trench and 1 more

    The first volume of Strictly (Mining) Boardroom was so well received that Dr Allan Trench was easily persuaded to compile a second volume, this time with the help of John Sykes. With the punchy subtitle of 'A Practitioner’s Guide for Next Generation Directors', the new book contains a comprehensive set of information and insight... ... Read more

    $13.19 AUD

  • The (Secret) History of Gold Prospecting in the United States, and the 38 States Where Gold Has Already Been Found!

    by Tim Rapp

    The history of gold prospecting in the United States, and the massive gold resources still waiting to be found in the lower 48 states are not known by the overwhelming majority of American citizens.Most Americans don’t know that:•Gold has already been found in over 75% of the United States - 38 of the 50 states.•That the U.S. Geological Survey, the premier geologic science agency of the U.S. ... Read more


  • A Kennecott Story

    Three Mines, Four Men, and One Hundred Years, 1887-1997

    by Charles Caldwell Hawley

    While copper seems less glamorous than gold, it may be far more important. Copper proved vital to the industrial revolution and indispensable for electrification of America. Kennecott Copper Corporation, at one time the largest producer of copper in the world, thus played a key role in economic and industrial development. This book recounts how Kennecott was formed from the merger of three mining ... Read more

    $36.95 AUD

  • Argyle

    The Impossible Story of Australian Diamonds

    by Stuart Kells

    The remote Kimberley region of Western Australia has a rich history and unique geography. In the 1960s De Beers, the world’s largest diamond company, sent gem-hunters to the area but they came away empty-handed. It was a vast region to survey, and they’d overlooked something vital. A few years later, a team of Australian geologists with a tiny budget searched for even tinier mineral clues. Those ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD