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  • Psoriasis Diet

    Treating And Healing Psoriatic Arthritis Naturally

    The outbreaks of Psoriasis are just in patches. These patches due to Psoriasis are called psoriatic plaques. Psoriatic plaques are patches of skin where the skin is becoming inflamed, and there has been a lot of skin production. The skin produced by your body accumulates at these patches and includes a white appearance. The patches commonly occur on your skin around elbows and legs. However, a lot ... Read more

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  • Knee Replacement Surgery, A Simple Guide To The Procedure And Related Conditions

    by Kenneth Kee ...
    Knee replacement is a surgical intervention that reduces pain and enhances the quality of life in many patients with serious arthritis of the knees.Normally patients go through this surgery after non-operative treatments (such as activity modification medicines, knee injections or walking with a cane) have been unsuccessful to provide relief of arthritic symptoms.Surgeons have done knee ... Read more

    $3.97 AUD

  • Overcoming Depression

    Hidden Secrets On How To Combat Depression

    Depression is a state of mind disorder that has something to do with persistent and extreme feeling of sadness, low state of mind, and loss of curiosity. It is with the capacity of causing you to feel worthless. The condition produces negative effects on how you think, take action, and experience - your response to our life generally. It generally makes actions that you loved participating in ... Read more

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  • Sex is a Gift

    Relief yourself of Sexual Infirmity and Stiffness. Natural cure to Erectile Dysfunction, Female Sexual Arousal Disorder and Premature Ejaculation.

    by Joyce Leiter ...
    Sex is the most lovely thing given by God to individuals. It is significant sustenance for our body and psyche, for all to appreciate.Sex is devout, not a wrongdoing. We get life through sex. Sex is sacrosanct. The virility of a man is an uprightness whenever utilized in the correct way, and turns into a bad habit whenever abused.Sex has recuperating powers. One could even say that a decent sex a ... Read more

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  • VigRx Plus

    The Fast Action Male Enhancement Supplement Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction, Promote Penile Growth and Stronger Erections

    by Nelly John ...
    VigRX Plus® has been formulated with a series of 10 potent natural erection precursors, aphrodisiacs, and libido enhancers that quickly build up in your system to measurably improve your sexual performance.Ingredients directly target nitric oxide levels, helping to relax the smooth muscle tissue of the corpus cavernosa (the 2 long cylindrical tubes in the penis) and its associated arterioles to ... Read more


  • Mon livre sur le diabète et ses complications

    Expérience et spécificité au service d'un art

    Le Dr Alma Kulenovic pose un regard expert sur les pathologies liées au diabète et livre dans cet ouvrage de nombreux conseils pratiques.Cela fait longtemps que je travaille tous les jours avec des malades qui souffrent du diabète et de ses complications, notamment des plaies et des amputations.Le diabète est une maladie chronique devenue une pandémie dans le monde. En France en 2018, le taux de ... Read more

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  • VigRx

    The Super Action Male Enhancement Supplement Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction, Promote Penile Growth and Stronger Erections

    by Nelly John ...
    Naturally reverse the age related decline in libido most men experience as they get older...LEARN MOREIf you are looking for bigger, harder erections, our VigRX® clinically proven formulations are your answerNot lasting long enough? Is performance anxiety ruining the mood? VigRX® products can help.VigRX Plus® - The #1 natural male libido supplement on the planet, it's clinically proven to increase ... Read more



    Ways To Boost Your Immunity With Healthy Foods & Recipes & 7 Days Meal Plan

    There are many ways one can strengthen their longevity. One way is by boosting your immune system. There will be an instant correlation between decreasing immune vitality and declining lifespan. This is common feeling, since our immune system protects all of us from infections and helps us react to various difficulties to our healthful homeostasis.The much less efficient your immune system may be ... Read more

    $7.32 AUD

  • Más allá del ojo

    Beyond the eye

    Este libro sintetiza A lo largo de mi vasta carrera como protesista y ocularista me he nutrido de experiencias de profesionales, de pacientes y de investigación. Este libro reúne todos estos conocimientos e investigaciones para contribuir aún más a la excelencia de la profesión de ocularista.En este trabajo hago referencia a todos los puntos necesarios a considerar en la adaptación de prótesis ... Read more

    $6.94 AUD

  • Minds and Machines

    A Conversation with Miguel Nicolelis

    by Howard Burton ...
    series Ideas Roadshow Conversations
    This book is based on an in-depth conversation between Howard Burton and Miguel Nicolelis, Professor of Neurobiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology and Neuroscience and Orthopaedic Surgery and Co-Director of the Center for Neuroengineering at Duke University.This thought-provoking conversation examines Miguel Nicolelis’ extensive and important research for over 20 ... Read more

    $4.69 AUD

  • Scoliosi - Risolvere senza tutori e senza medicine

    Se una cosa è certa, è che le ossa non hanno la capacità di spostarsi da soli. La scoliosi è una conseguenza della tensione muscolare che si verifica nell'addome e nella schiena. Queste contrazioni non si generano a caso o per eredità genetica ma per un modo sbagliato di stare in piedi e di appoggiare i piedi quando camminiamo. Il libro spiega dettagliatamente come si deve camminare per eliminare ... Read more

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  • Shangri-La Diet For Beginners

    The Ultimate Guide on How to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively with Olive Oil or Sugar Water

    by Martin Lamb ...
    The Shangri-La Diet pledges that you won't have to subtract anything in order to successfully lose weight. In fact, all you have to do is add a small amount of extra light olive oil or sugar water to your daily food intake, and you'll be all set to start dropping pounds.This guide will show you everything you need to know about this amazing diet to lose weight ... Read more

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  • Overcoming Depression

    What Medication Fail To Do

    by Joseph H. Fox ...
    Being depressed regularly feels like carrying an exceptionally heavy burden, however, you are not just in this struggle.The majority of us believe when we’re depressed our scenario is hopeless. That’s a blunder. Joseph H. Fox reassures us that the trick to overcoming depression is usually in harnessing our brain’s own organic antidepressant capacity to create a far more resilient mind.Uncovering ... Read more

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  • RiRa Ruckus

    by Mike Bozart ...
    The author (Agent 33) goes to the official Liverpool FC bar in uptown Charlotte for the Europa League match with Villarreal (at Anfield). After the game, he heads downstairs and finds an open seat at the bar, as a Cinco de Mayo party commences. The man to his right helps supply a nice 'replacement' conversation.Another tale in the psecret psociety pshort pstory pseries.Approx. 2,000 words. ... Read more


  • Bioinspired Devices

    Emulating Nature’s Assembly and Repair Process

    Eugene Goldfield lays out principles of engineering found in the natural world, with a focus on how components of coordinated structures organize themselves into autonomous functional systems. This self-organizing capacity is one of many qualities which can be harnessed to design technologies that can interact seamlessly with human bodies. ... Read more

    $87.99 AUD

  • Rethinking modern prostheses in Anglo-American commodity cultures, 1820–1939

    This book explores the development of modern transatlantic prosthetic industries in nineteenth and twentieth centuries and reveals how the co-alignment of medicine, industrial capitalism, and social norms shaped diverse lived experiences of prosthetic technologies and in turn, disability identities. Through case studies that focus on hearing aids, artificial tympanums, amplified telephones, ... Read more

    $140.99 AUD

  • Neuroprosthetics: Theory And Practice (Second Edition)

    Book 8 - Series On Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering
    This is an updated and abridged edition of the original volume published in 2004. Like its predecessor it is targeted for students of bioengineering, biomedical engineering, applied physiology, biological cybernetics and related fields; for engineers and scientists who have an interest in neuroprosthetics; and for medical practitioners using products of that field.The practice of neuroprosthetics ... Read more

    $419.99 AUD

  • Orbital Surgery

    series ESASO Course Series
    Orbital surgery deals with a variety of complications occurring in the eye socket comprising inflammatory diseases like thyroid-associated orbitopathy, tumors, infections, and injuries from trauma that affect eye function. In this volume, renowned European orbital surgery experts share their professional experience and expertise. Their contributions cover basic as well as more specialized up-to ... Read more

    $151.99 AUD

  • Artificial Parts, Practical Lives

    Modern Histories of Prosthetics

    From the wooden teeth of George Washington to the Bly prosthesis, popular in the 1860s and boasting easy uniform motions of the limb, to today's lifelike approximations, prosthetic devices reveal the extent to which the evolution and design of technologies of the body are intertwined with both the practical and subjective needs of human beings.The peculiar history of prosthetic devices sheds light ... Read more

    $38.99 AUD

  • Attachments to War

    Biomedical Logics and Violence in Twenty-First-Century America

    series Next Wave: New Directions in Women's Studies
    In Attachments to War Jennifer Terry traces how biomedical logics entangle Americans in a perpetual state of war. Focusing on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars between 2002 and 2014, Terry identifies the presence of a biomedicine-war nexus in which new forms of wounding provoke the continual development of complex treatment, rehabilitation, and prosthetic technologies. At the same time, the U.S. ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Shine On

    The Remarkable True Story of a Quadruple Amputee

    “Honey, you’ve been very ill and they’ve had to amputate…” His voice cracked. I searched his face, looking for some kind of clue to tell me why I sensed so much pain from him and in me. “…Your hands and feet.”Cyndi tried to grasp the new reality that flesh-eating disease had changed her life forever. Her recent memories of being a successful business manager and new mom seemed oceans away.It just ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Atlas Of Ankle Replacements, The

    The future of ankle replacements will be governed by careful patient selection, meticulous surgical technique, and appropriate prospective follow up and reporting as well as the introduction and collaboration of joint replacement registers. There is a large uptrend in the use of ankle replacements and a need for authoritative publications that can be used as a reference internationally.The Atlas ... Read more

    $81.99 AUD

  • Fundamentals of Amputation Care and Prosthetics

    Written by experienced physiatrists, prosthetists, and therapists, this book provides an introduction to the field of amputee care and prosthetics. Dedicated chapters guide you through prescription of prostheses for the various levels and types of amputations in both the lower and upper extremity and address recent advances in functionality and safety. Pre- and post-operative care, prosthetic ... Read more

    $72.99 AUD

  • Shattered Nerves

    How Science Is Solving Modern Medicine's Most Perplexing Problem

    A study of advancements in neural technology, what they can do, and where they could lead us.Once the stuff of science fiction, neural prosthetics are now a reality. Research and technology are creating implants that enable the deaf to hear, the blind to see, and the paralyzed to move.Shattered Nerves leads us into a new medical frontier, where sophisticated, state-of-the-art medical devices ... Read more

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