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  • The Paradox of Choice

    Why More Is Less, Revised Edition

    Whether we're buying a pair of jeans, ordering a cup of coffee, selecting a long-distance carrier, applying to college, choosing a doctor, or setting up a 401(k), everyday decisions—both big and small—have become increasingly complex due to the overwhelming abundance of choice with which we are presented.As Americans, we assume that more choice means better options and greater satisfaction. But ... Read more

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  • Mere Christianity

    by C. S. Lewis ...
    The Beloved Classic on What All Christians BelieveOne of the most popular introductions to Christian faith ever written, Mere Christianity brings together Lewis’s legendary broadcast talks during World War Two. Here, Lewis provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.A collection of scintillating brilliance, Mere ... Read more

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  • What Money Can't Buy

    The Moral Limits of Markets

    In What Money Can't Buy, renowned political philosopher Michael J. Sandel rethinks the role that markets and money should play in our society.Should we pay children to read books or to get good grades? Should we put a price on human life to decide how much pollution to allow? Is it ethical to pay people to test risky new drugs or to donate their organs? What about hiring mercenaries to fight our ... Read more

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  • How Not to Be Wrong

    The Power of Mathematical Thinking

    **“Witty, compelling, and just plain fun to read . . ." —Evelyn Lamb, Scientific AmericanThe Freakonomics of math—a math-world superstar unveils the hidden beauty and logic of the world and puts its power in our hands**The math we learn in school can seem like a dull set of rules, laid down by the ancients and not to be questioned. In How Not to Be Wrong, Jordan Ellenberg shows us how terribly ... Read more

    $16.99 CAD $2.99 CAD

  • On Freedom

    A brilliant exploration of freedom—what it is, how it’s been misunderstood, and why it’s our only chance for survival—by the acclaimed Yale historian and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller On TyrannyTimothy Snyder has been called “the leading interpreter of our dark times.” As a historian, he has given us startling reinterpretations of political collapse and mass killing. As a public ... Read more

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  • The Theory of Everything Else

    A Voyage Into the World of the Weird

    by Dan Schreiber ...
    "A pleasure. ... Suitable for beach reading or for mainlining before a dinner party." —Dan Piepenbring, New York Times Book Review (Editors' Choice)"Absorbing. ... As thoughtfully written as it is nuts." —Chicago TribuneA collection of the world’s most mind-boggling, thought-provoking, and downright hilarious theories by the co-host of the hit podcast No Such Thing as a Fish, Dan Schreiber.<p... ... Read more

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  • 底層邏輯:看清這個世界的底牌

    by 劉潤 ...
    你真的相信眼睛所看到的一切嗎?事實是最不容易產生爭議的客觀存在嗎?或許,我們對事實的瞭解,還不夠全面。或許,我們是被表象或經驗欺騙、迷惑,導致看不透事情的本質。唯有透過「底層邏輯+環境變數」,才能讓你在千變萬化的世界中,認清所有真相!當一個人持有的不是觀點而是立場時,你應該做的事情,是對他說「It’s good for you」(這對你有益)。反過來,我們也要時刻反省自己:我說的話、我的表述,是事實,是觀點,是立場,還是信仰?請運用以下幾點:1.拋棄經驗,不要輕易下結論,懷著空杯心態去看問題。2.運用「假設—驗證—結論—調整」,大膽假設,小心求證,得出結論,做出調整。3.不要被利益、立場左右,就事論事。能做到以上三點,再複雜、繁瑣的事,你也能抽絲剝繭、洞察本質。為什麼我們要懂「底層邏輯」?如果你是學生,透過底層邏輯能學會:思考問題的邏輯.... ... Read more

    $12.99 CAD

  • The Map of Heaven

    How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife

    The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven teams up with the sages of times past, modern scientists, and with ordinary people who have had profound spiritual experiences to show the reality of heaven and our true identities as spiritual beings.When Dr. Eben Alexander told the story of his near-death experience and his vivid journey to the other side, many readers wrote to say ... Read more

    $14.99 CAD $4.99 CAD

  • The Emperor's New Mind

    Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics

    by Roger Penrose ...
    Series series Oxford Landmark Science
    For many decades, the proponents of `artificial intelligence' have maintained that computers will soon be able to do everything that a human can do. In his bestselling work of popular science, Sir Roger Penrose takes us on a fascinating tour through the basic principles of physics, cosmology, mathematics, and philosophy to show that human thinking can never be emulated by a machine. Oxford ... Read more

    $16.99 CAD

  • Mirror Work

    21 Days to Heal Your Life

    by Louise Hay ...
    AN ESSENTIAL SELF-CARE GUIDEBOOK FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFELOUISE HAY’S 21 DAY SIGNATURE DAILY PRACTICE FOR LEARNING HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF BASED ON HER MOST POPULAR VIDEO COURSE, LOVING YOURSELFMirror work has long been Louise Hay’s favorite method for cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself, and leading a more peaceful and meaningful life.... ... Read more

    $12.99 CAD

  • The Golden Future

    What to Expect and How to Reach the Fifth Dimension

    by Diana Cooper ...
    Find inspirational guidance, hope and an uplifting vision of better times to come in this transformational path to the fifth-dimensional golden future.We all know how turbulent life has been recently. How long will the world carry on like this? Will things ever improve? Bestselling teacher, author and card deck creator Diana Cooper believes a better future is on its way. In this uplifting ... Read more

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  • In the Buddha's Words

    An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon

    by Bhikkhu Bodhi ...
    Series series The Teachings of the Buddha
    This landmark collection is the definitive introduction to the Buddha's teachings - in his own words. The American scholar-monk Bhikkhu Bodhi, whose voluminous translations have won widespread acclaim, here presents selected discourses of the Buddha from the Pali Canon, the earliest record of what the Buddha taught. Divided into ten thematic chapters, In the Buddha's Words reveals the full scope ... Read more

    $16.99 CAD

  • Meditations

    Within the pages of 'Meditations' lies the profound introspections of Marcus Aurelius, a titan of philosophy and ruler of the ancient world. Presented as a personal journal, Aurelius unravels the mysteries of life, virtue, and the essence of existence, offering timeless wisdom that transcends epochs. With poetic musings, he navigates the tenets of Stoicism-resilience, acceptance, and self ... Read more

    $0.99 CAD

  • Before

    Children's Memories of Previous Lives

    A fully updated 2-in-1 edition, with a new introduction by the author, combining Dr. Jim B. Tucker's bestselling books about children who remember past lives—Return to Life and Life Before Life.These two books contain first-person accounts of Jim B. Tucker's experiences with a number of extraordinary children with memories of past lives, and expands on the international work started by Tucker's ... Read more

    $14.99 CAD

  • The Little Book of Stoic Quotes

    "A beautiful collection of Stoic meditations that unveils a simple and elegant philosophy of life." — Michael McGill, The Stay Stoic NewsletterStoicism is a simple, practical philosophy that teaches us to live joyfully, focus on the present moment, and accept things we can't control. All human beings are born with beautiful minds, and the ancient Stoics left us a blueprint for using them the right ... Read more

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  • Cosmic Connections

    Poetry in the Age of Disenchantment

    A major new work by Charles Taylor: the long-awaited follow-up to The Language Animal, exploring the Romantic poetics central to his theory of language.The Language Animal, Charles Taylor’s 2016 account of human linguistic capacity, was a revelation, toppling scholarly conventions and illuminating our most fundamental selves. But, as Taylor noted in that work, there was much more to be said. ... Read more

    $29.99 CAD

  • The Prince

    Il Principe ( The Prince ) is the famous text by Florentine public servant Niccolo Machiavelli, in which he outlines the best strategy by which a prince can acquire, maintain and protect his state. Published posthumously, the text departs from his previous works, but is that for which he is remembered, and which has produced the adjective "Machiavellian". Machiavelli directives for maintaining a ... Read more

    $4.99 CAD

  • Grace Upon Grace

    Grace upon Grace: Savouring the Spiritual Exercises through the Arts is an inclusive and contemporary retreat to be prayed daily for 30 weeks. This retreat has the same dynamic seasons as that of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola written in the early sixteenth century. Grace upon Grace is necessarily an adaptation of Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises for the 21st century.Ignatius' ... Read more

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  • On Canadian Democracy

    Using the decrepit state of 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada, as a metaphor for Canada’s democracy, Jonathan Manthorpe examines the foundations, supports, and systems that are meant to keep our parliament a representative body, an actual voice of the people, and he offers insights as to how this institution can be renovated to the benefit of all.Jonathan ... Read more

    $10.99 CAD

  • The Language Animal

    The Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity

    “We have been given a powerful and often uplifting vision of what it is to be truly human.” —John Cottingham, The TabletIn seminal works ranging from Sources of the Self to A Secular Age, Charles Taylor has shown how we create possible ways of being, both as individuals and as a society. In his new book setting forth decades of thought, he demonstrates that language is at the center of this ... Read more

    $34.99 CAD

  • Discipline and Punish

    The Birth of the Prison

    A brilliant work from the most influential philosopher since Sartre.In this indispensable work, a brilliant thinker suggests that such vaunted reforms as the abolition of torture and the emergence of the modern penitentiary have merely shifted the focus of punishment from the prisoner's body to his soul. ... Read more

    $11.99 CAD $8.99 CAD

  • We Are the Angels

    Healing Your Past, Present, and Future with the Lords of Karma

    by Diane Stein ...
    The possibilities for healing our energy, ourselves, and our planet are explored in WE ARE THE ANGELS, the groundbreaking book from Diane Stein. Based on the premise that the Earth and all beings are one, she masterfully presents a detailed understanding of Karma-the accrued lessons of past lifetimes continuing in the present-and the process of healing and releasing karmic patterns and situations ... Read more

    $6.99 CAD $5.99 CAD

  • Pour en finir avec Dieu

    Translated by Marie-France Desjeux-Lefort ...
    Plus de deux millions d'exemplaires vendus dans le monde, best-seller aux États-Unis, en Angleterre et en Allemagne : l'essai qui crée l'événement." Imaginez, avec John Lennon, un monde sans religion...Pas de bombes suicides, pas de 11 Septembre, pas de Croisades, pas de chasses aux sorcières, pas de Conspiration des poudres, pas de partition de l'Inde, pas de guerres israélo-palestiniennes, pas ... Read more

    $24.99 CAD

  • What Is Zen?

    Plain Talk for a Beginner's Mind

    An thorough introduction to Zen Buddhist practice—in a reader-friendly question-and-answer format—by two highly regarded teacher-writersThis unique introduction to Zen teaching and practice is structured as a Q&A, making it a most useful reference for new and seasoned practitioners to look things up. The questioner (Susan Moon) and the answerer (Norman Fischer) are Buddhist teachers and old ... Read more

    $18.99 CAD