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  • FundaMENTAL W.E.A.L.T.H. Principles

    Developing a Mindset for Financial Success

    This book will help readers understand the “why” of money management, allowing them to change negative learned money behaviors. The techniques included will help foster a positive relationship with money and allow readers to adopt a new mindset and perspective regarding the true benefits and rewards of successful financial management. This book will explore concepts that directly relate to the ... Read more

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  • How to Trade In Stocks

    The Livermore Formula for Combining Time Element and Price

    Born in 1877 Jesse Livermore began working with stocks at the age of 15 when he ran away from his parent’s farm and took a job posting stock quotes at a Boston brokerage firm. While he was working he would jot down predictions so he could follow up on them thus testing his theories. After doing this for some time he was convinced to try his systems with real money. However since he was still young ... Read more

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  • How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition

    A BUSINESSWEEK BESTSELLER!Anyone can learn to invest wisely with this bestselling investment system!Through every type of market, William J. O’Neil’s national bestseller, How to Make Money in Stocks, has shown over 2 million investors the secrets to building wealth. O’Neil’s powerful CAN SLIM® Investing System—a proven 7-step process for minimizing risk and maximizing gains—has influenced ... Read more

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  • Koos Bekker's Billions

    by T.J. Strydom ...
    Koos Bekker has amassed one of the largest fortunes ever by a South African. Just how did he do it? Under Bekker, Naspers made several bad investments, a few mediocre ones, a few good ones … and one that shot the lights out. A modest bet on Chinese technology startup Tencent changed Bekker’s destiny. Was this genius, strategy or just plain old good luck? In Koos Bekker’s Billions, T.J. Strydom ... Read more

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  • The Private Equity Playbook

    Management’s Guide to Working With Private Equity

    by Adam Coffey ...
    Private equity firms are on the rise and rapidly changing the game. Today more than 5,500 P.E. firms own tens of thousands of companies, so it is essential for CEOs and senior management executives to understand exactly how private equity firms operate. This invaluable resource can help you devise a winning P.E. game plan for your own company that offers you greater freedom and financial success. ... Read more

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  • Think and Grow Rich

    by Napoleon Hill ...
    The most famous of all teachers of success spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the Law of Success philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized and explained for the general public in this book. In Think and Grow Rich, Hill draws on stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation ... Read more

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  • Plunder

    Private Equity's Plan to Pillage America

    The authoritative exposé of private equity: what it is, how it kills businesses and jobs, how the government helps, and how we stop itPrivate equity surrounds us. Firms like Blackstone, Carlyle, and KKR are among the largest employers in America and hold assets that rival those of small countries. Yet few understand what these firms are or how they work.In Plunder, Brendan Ballou explains how ... Read more

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  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Foreign Currency Trading, 2E

    • a roadmap for success• the strategies to use and pitfalls to avoid ... Read more

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  • The Man Who Solved the Market

    How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution

    **NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERShortlisted for the Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year AwardThe unbelievable story of a secretive mathematician who pioneered the era of the algorithm--and made $23 billion doing it.**Jim Simons is the greatest money maker in modern financial history. No other investor--Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, Steve Cohen, or George Soros--can touch his ... Read more

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  • 致富心態(暢銷增訂版):關於財富、貪婪與幸福的20堂理財課

    The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness

    Translated by 周玉文 ...
    Series series 財經企管
    全新收錄:成功投資人的三大特質《華爾街日報》、亞馬遜書店暢銷書現代社會最重要、卻被嚴重被低估的技能世界上有賺很多錢卻破產的人,也有賺很少錢卻有辦法捐大錢做慈善的人。為什麼?因為理財結果與運氣和風險有關,而且不受才智與個人努力影響,更重要的是,與其了解許多理財專業知識,適當的言行舉止更加關鍵。這就是致富心態,這是現今社會不可或缺的軟實力。《華爾街日報》知名專欄作家摩根‧豪瑟發覺,我們是用理解知識的方式在思考、學習金錢觀,而不是用理解心智與行為模式的方式在學習投資與理財。不過,我們的理財行為卻深受各種情緒的影響。每個人看待世界運作的方式各不相同,所以看待金錢運作的觀點天差地別,結果是有人成為富翁,有人卻窮困潦倒。在《致富心態》中,摩根‧豪瑟分享許多短篇的理財故事,探討人們思考金錢的方式,並傳授致富的技巧,你會學到:... ... Read more

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  • The Wall Street Journal Guide to the New Rules of Personal Finance

    Essential Strategies for Saving, Investing, and Building a Portfolio in a World Turned Upside Down

    by Dave Kansas ...
    Everything you thought you knew about saving, managing risk, and securing your financial future has changed.The world is very different in the wake of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Retirement accounts have been eviscerated, risk appetites diminished, and questions raised about age-old personal finance strategies such as "buy and hold" and the efficacy of relying heavily ... Read more

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  • Mundane Astrology : The Restructuring of America

    Learn why America is at a cross-roads. Understand why the events of the past have brought us to a place where change is inevitable. Remember the dream of a house in suburbia with a white picket fence and a automobile in the drive? That was America. Today's society is very different. The rich are getting richer and everyone else is getting left behind. This guide attempts to explain the influences ... Read more

    $9.95 USD

  • Pricing Analytics

    Models and Advanced Quantitative Techniques for Product Pricing

    The theme of this book is simple. The price – the number someone puts on a product to help consumers decide to buy that product – comes from data. Specifically, itcomes from statistically modeling the data.This book gives the reader the statistical modeling tools needed to get the number to put on a product. But statistical modeling is not done in a vacuum. Economic and statistical principles and ... Read more

    $51.99 USD

  • Capital Markets, Fifth Edition

    Institutions, Instruments, and Risk Management

    The substantially revised fifth edition of a textbook covering the wide range of instruments available in financial markets, with a new emphasis on risk management.Over the last fifty years, an extensive array of instruments for financing, investing, and controlling risk has become available in financial markets, with demand for these innovations driven by the needs of investors and borrowers. The ... Read more

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  • Small Business Finance

    Cash is the king, today in the SME world. Getting financialassistance, in the right way, from the right sources, towardsbusiness funding for fortifying the various company missionsand exponential growth, is guided here. It is informationpresented after extensive study, research and analysis, donewith commitment.Thanks much to all the students, lecturers, researchers,consultants, copy writing ... Read more

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  • Trading Risk

    Enhanced Profitability through Risk Control

    Series Book 218 - Wiley Trading
    Revolutionary techniques that traders can implement to improve profits and avoid lossesNo trader, professional or individual, can afford not to have a solid risk management program integrated into his or her trading system. But finding a precise mathematical model to replace subjective decision-making processes is a challenge. Traditionally, risk management has focused solely on loss avoidance, ... Read more

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  • The LSTA's Complete Credit Agreement Guide, Second Edition

    The definitive guide for navigating today’s credit agreementsToday’s syndicated loan market and underlying credit agreements are far more complex than ever. Since the global financial crisis, the art of corporate loan syndications, loan trading, and investing in this asset class have changed dramatically. Lenders are more diverse, borrowers more demanding, and regulations more stringent. ... Read more

    $108.99 USD

  • The Way of the Wall Street Warrior

    Conquer the Corporate Game Using Tips, Tricks, and Smartcuts

    by Dave Liu ...
    A Wall Street Insider's Guide to getting ahead in any highly competitive industry"Dave learned how to win in investment banking the hard way. Now he is able to share tools that make it easier for budding bankers and other professionals to succeed."—Frank Baxter, Former CEO of Jefferies and U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay"A must-read for anyone starting their career in Corporate America. Dave's book ... Read more

    $17.00 USD

  • Tiger Woman on Wall Street: Winning Business Strategies from Shanghai to New York and Back

    by Junheng Li ...
    Junheng Li was the perfect Chinese tiger daughter, but from childhood on, she dreamed about America and working on Wall Street. Born in Shanghai, the commercial and financial center of mainland China, Li was brought up in an environment that would raise most Westerners' eyebrows. Her demanding father drilled her on her multiplication tables when she was three, and in school she was forced to ... Read more

    $25.99 USD

  • The Great Crash Ahead

    Strategies for a World Turned Upside Down

    In his most recent New York Times bestselling book, The Great Depression Ahead, Harry S. Dent, Jr., predicted that the stimulus plan created in response to the first crisis would hit demographic and debt saturation headwinds and ultimately fail. In 2010, the stimulus plan had started to fail, and it was already stalling by the first quarter of 2011. The Great Crash Ahead outlines why the next ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis

    How to Profit from the Shifting Currents in Global Markets

    by Ashraf Laïdi ...
    Series Book 434 - Wiley Trading
    As head FX strategist at CMC Markets–one of the world's leading forex/commodity brokers–Ashraf Laidi understands the forces shaping today's currency market and their interplay with interest rates, equities, and commodities. And now, with Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis, he shares his extensive experiences in this field with you. Throughout the book, Laidi outlines the tools needed to ... Read more

    $47.00 USD

  • The Repo Market, Shorts, Shortages, and Squeezes

    by Scott Skyrm ...
    The Repo market is the most important market few people know about. It's a pillar of the financial system that's often misunderstood yet plays a vital role in the industry. If the financial markets are the engine that powers the economy, the Repo market is the oil that lubricates that engine.The entire financial system relies on the Repo market. There would be no modern financial system without ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Your Retirement

    Dream or Disaster?

    by Rajiv Nagaich ...
    Despite our best planning efforts, the sad reality is that the current system of retirement planning in America ends up in failure for as many as 70 percent of our nation's retirees.What does retirement failure look like? Author, radio host, and all-around retirement planning expert Rajiv Nagaich defines "failure" in three ways: ending up forced into institutionalized care, going broke, and being ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Day the Dollar Dies

    Originally published in 1973, The Day the Dollar Dies was considered by some to be prophetic, and to many an impossibility.Thirty years later however it reads like today's headlines and digs deeply into the heart of today's financial crisis around the world. Updated with new information that helps the reader see the financial storm that began developing over 35 years ago, and understand what is ... Read more

    $11.99 USD