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  • Keep Your Brain Alive

    83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness

    A neurobiologist provides simple ways to exercise your brain, enhance your memory, and boost your cognitive health.Over forty? Getting forgetful? Having trouble learning new things, or remembering that actress’s name without reaching for your smartphone? Chances are, your brain needs a workout, and neurobics—simple, unique brain exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime—are here to help.In this ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Press Reset

    Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry

    From the bestselling author of Blood, Sweat, and Pixels comes the next definitive, behind-the-scenes account of the video game industry: how some of the past decade's most renowned studios fell apart—and the stories, both triumphant and tragic, of what happened next.Jason Schreier's groundbreaking reporting has earned him a place among the preeminent investigative journalists covering the world of ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Astonishing Bathroom Reader

    Your No.2 Source to All the Flushing Facts, Jamming Trivia, & Gassy Mysteries of the Universe!

    600 pages of fascinating facts about everything from science to history to pop cultureDid you know the longest mountain range on earth is under water? How about the fact that June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage? If not, don’t worry! You can learn details about these facts and more useful (and useless) trivia in this gigantic collection. With subjects from across the spectrum, ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Play 1…d6 Against Everything

    A Compact and Ready-to-use Black Repertoire for Club Players

    The average club player doesn’t need to study hundreds of pages of chess opening theory. Understanding structures and finding tactics are much more important than memorizing variations. Renowned German chess trainers Erik Zude and Jörg Hickl have created an ideal club player’s repertoire for Black. This compact manual presents a set of lines that is conveniently limited in scope, yet varied, solid ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • World of Warcraft: Wolfheart

    In the wake of the Cataclysm, conflict has engulfed every corner of Azeroth. Hungering for more resources amid the turmoil, the Horde has pressed into Ashenvale to feed its burgeoning war machine. There, acting warchief Garrosh Hellscream has employed a brutal new tactic to conquer the region and crush its night elf defenders, a move that will cripple the Alliance’s power throughout the World of ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

    In the Hugo-award winning, epic New York Times Bestseller and basis for the BBC miniseries, two men change England's history when they bring magic back into the world.In the midst of the Napoleonic Wars in 1806, most people believe magic to have long since disappeared from England - until the reclusive Mr. Norrell reveals his powers and becomes an overnight celebrity.Another practicing magician ... Read more

    $16.09 USD

  • MOAR! Monsters Know What They're Doing

    by Keith Ammann ...
    series The Monsters Know What They’re Doing
    From the author of The Monsters Know What They’re Doing comes a follow-up strategy guide with MOAR! monster tactics for Dungeon Masters playing fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.Keith Ammann’s first book based on his popular blog, The Monsters Know What They’re Doing, unpacks strategies, tactics, and motivations for creatures found in the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. Now, in MOAR! Monsters ... Read more

    $14.99 USD


  • Bridge For Dummies

    by Eddie Kantar ...
    Try a hand at bridge—and outsmart your opponentsBridge is the most popular card game in the world—and, as any player will tell you, is simply the best card game ever. Whether you're new to the game or a long-time player looking for new tricks, this new edition of Bridge For Dummies walks you through the intricacies of the game and arms you with tried-and-true tips and strategies for being a better ... Read more

    $14.00 USD

  • The Monsters Know What They're Doing

    Combat Tactics for Dungeon Masters

    by Keith Ammann ...
    series The Monsters Know What They’re Doing
    From the creator of the popular blog The Monsters Know What They’re Doing comes a compilation of villainous battle plans for Dungeon Masters.In the course of a Dungeons & Dragons game, a Dungeon Master has to make one decision after another in response to player behavior—and the better the players, the more unpredictable their behavior! It’s easy for even an experienced DM to get bogged down in on ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Checkmate Tactics

    Do you play chess socially (either at a club or with friends)?Do you understand the basics of the game?Would you now like to know how to regularly beat your opponents and move to the next level?If so, then Checkmate Tactics is the book for you.Tactical play is the nitty-gritty of chess. It's the stuff that players are trying to work out when they say to themselves, "If I go there and he goes there ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • Story Mode

    Video Games and the Interplay between Consoles and Culture

    Once considered niche, fringe, and the hobby of only outsiders or loners, video games have rapidly become one of the most popular and influential artistic forms of this century. Their imagery is near ubiquitous—children, adults, and even professional athletes know what a Fortnite dance is without having played the game, and every conversation about violence in media eventually turns toward Grand ... Read more

    $18.39 USD


  • Gamma Wolves

    A Game of Post-apocalyptic Mecha Warfare

    by Ash Barker ...
    series Gamma Wolves
    In the blasted, radiation-scorched, wastelands of the Earth's surface, towering mecha do battle, defending the interests of one of the few remaining arcology governments, providing security for wilderness outposts, or seeking out loot and supplies as a mercenary company. With detailed rules for designing and customizing your mecha, from size and propulsion type to payload and pilot skills, and a ... Read more

    $17.29 USD

  • PKO Poker Strategy

    How to adapt to Bounty and Progressive Knockout online poker tournaments

    The fastest growing format in online poker is without doubt Progressive Knockout tournaments. Online poker rooms like them, recreational poker players love them, yet a lot of serious poker players struggle to get to grips with the way the strategy changes compared to regular MTTs.In PKO Poker Strategy professional poker player Dara O’Kearney has done rigorous study using the latest solver ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • God of War PS4, PC, Bosses, Walkthrough, Gameplay, Armor, Strategy, Tips, Cheats, Game Guide Unofficial

    Beat your Opponents & the Game!

    *Unofficial Guide Version*Advanced Tips & Strategy Guide. This is the most comprehensive and only detailed guide you will find online. Available for instant download on your mobile phone, eBook device, or in paperback form.Here is what you will be getting when you purchase this professional advanced and detailed game guide.- Professional Tips and Strategies.- Cheats and Hacks.- Beat Opponents.- ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Tom Clancys The Division 2 Game, Xbox, PS4, PC, Gameplay, Achievements, Cheats, Classes, Weapons, Characters, Jokes, Guide Unofficial

    Beat your Opponents & the Game!

    by Master Gamer ...
    *Unofficial Guide Version*Advanced Tips & Strategy Guide. This is the most comprehensive and only detailed guide you will find online. Available for instant download on your mobile phone, eBook device, or in paperback form.Here is what you will be getting when you purchase this professional advanced and detailed game guide.- Professional Tips and Strategies.- Beat Opponents!- Get Tons of Weapons.- ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Pokémon: Sword and Shield - Strategy Guide

    Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Pokémon: Sword & Shield the latest entry in the Pokemon video game franchise.The main character's travels in the Galar region, based on Great Britain, alongside rivals Hop, Bede and Marnie aiming to dethrone the Pokémon League Champion.Sword and Shield introduce several new features such as Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, functions that increase size ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Betting on Horse Racing For Dummies

    by Richard Eng ...
    How to enjoy a day at the races-and bet to win!The last two years have seen a record number of Americans tune in for climatic Triple Crown races featuring Smarty Jones and Funny Cide; in 2004, television viewership jumped a whopping 61 percent over the record set in 2003, and the Belmont Stakes race itself drew a record crowd of more than 120,000!This easy-to-understand guide shows first-time ... Read more

    $12.00 USD

  • Brainiac

    Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs

    by Ken Jennings ...
    NATIONAL BESTSELLER • A witty, charming, and engaging dive into trivia’s colorful history, from America’s highest-earning game show contestant of all time“Insightful, informative, and written with a strong dose of humor and humility. . . . I loved this book.”—Will Shortz, crossword editor, The New York TimesKen Jennings is trivia’s undisputed king—and as he traces his rise from anonymous computer ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • The Full English Opening

    Mastering the Fundamentals

    The English Opening (1.c4) is a popular choice at both club and master level, because it is a chess opening that suits all styles. As White you can play aggressively or opt for a more modest strategic approach, depending on what kind of middlegame positions you are looking for. The opening will serve you well in any mood, against any type of opponent, in any tournament situation. For a club player ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Cheat The Cherry Master

    by Harry Endres ...
    Summary:Look on Ebay and see my 100% rating and its sold in Las Vegas Gamblers Book Club. You can win on a multitude of arcade machines in arcades,truck stops, private clubs etc.Strategies are included for the following machines: It includes cheat/strategies for Fruit Bonus 96, Lucky 77 Keno, Super Cherry Master, Fruit Bonus 2000, Magical Odds, Fruit/Ocean Paradise, Dyna Penny Machines, Fruit ... Read more

    $3.97 USD

  • Akira Yoshizawa, Japan's Greatest Origami Master

    Featuring over 60 Models and 1000 Diagrams by the Master

    This collection of projects by the "father of modern origami" contains detailed instructions for 60 of the master's original works.Master origami artist Akira Yoshizawa was a true innovator who played a seminal role in the rebirth of origami in the modern world. He served as a bridge between past and present—between the ancient traditional craft and the development of origami as a modern practice ... Read more

    $21.59 USD

  • IQ and Psychometric Test Workbook

    Essential Preparation for Verbal Numerical and Spatial Aptitude Tests and Personality Tests

    by Philip Carter ...
    series Testing Series
    Although most people believe that there is little we can do to improve the intelligence we were born with, the brain can be exercised just like any other part of the body. Thought processes and intelligence scoring can be improved by practising different types of testing.This title from IQ expert Philip Carter is a companion volume to the bestselilng IQ and Psychometric Tests, and it includes not ... Read more

    $14.39 USD

  • The Ender Eye Prophecy

    An Unofficial Graphic Novel for Minecrafters, #3

    Illustrated by David Norgren, Elias Norgren ...
    series Unofficial Graphic Novel for Minecrafter #3
    Phoenix is back—and on a quest to discover her true identity—in this thrilling third installment of the Unofficial Graphic Novel for Minecrafters series!This adventure series is created especially for readers who love the fight of good vs. evil, magical academies like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter saga, and games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Pokemon GO.Peace has finally been restored in Xenos, but ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Origami Studio Ebook

    30 Step-by-Step Lessons with an Origami Master: Includes Origami Book with 30 Lessons and Downloadable Video Instructions

    This origami kit teaches origami beginners all the most important folds and techniques.This all-inclusive origami paper craft kit with downloadable instructional video will teach you to create beautiful origami as if you are right in the studio. Through 30 step-by-step lessons, you will move seamlessly from origami beginning to intermediate all at your own pace.Origami Studio Kit teaches an ... Read more

    $8.69 USD