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  • We Never Learn, Vol. 16

    The Time of [X]

    series We Never Learn #16
    Although the main college entrance exam is finally done, a beleaguered Nariyuki Yuiga must now focus on the secondary exams. But sometimes students need a break from the constant grind of studying. Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the girls are determined to make Nariyuki some chocolates he will never forget… ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 6

    by Maki Enjoji ...
    series An Incurable Case of Love #6
    Our Valiant One and the Dark Lord are in mutual lovey-dovey mode! Or so they thought… Their greatest challenge has arrived!Nanase became a nurse to chase after Dr. Kairi Tendo. Now the couple are finally starting to act like lovers. They’re busy enjoying blissful days until Kairi’s older sister Ryuko goes missing! ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Takane & Hana, Vol. 1

    by Yuki Shiwasu ...
    series Takane & Hana #1
    The meeting between Takane and Hana ends in an explosive manner, and Hana is convinced that she’ll never have to see that awful Takane again. But Takane actually seems interested in Hana! Exasperated by Takane’s immature attitude, yet amused and intrigued despite herself, Hana wonders if her hilarious rivalry with Takane just might lead to love! ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 5

    by Maki Enjoji ...
    series An Incurable Case of Love #5
    The Dark Lord Kairi finally falls for Nanase, the Valiant One! Regardless, they face another trial!!Nanase became a nurse to chase after Dr. Kairi Tendo. Now that their feelings are mutual, they’ve become a couple. It seems their love should only deepen from here on out, but when Nanase tries to help a certain someone, it leads to a disruption in their romance! ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 4

    by Maki Enjoji ...
    series An Incurable Case of Love #4
    At long last, the Dark Lord has been defeated! Wait—it can’t be that easy!Nanase became a nurse to chase after Dr. Kairi Tendo. Nanase hears that Kairi has requested to study abroad. She is shocked by the news and tells him she doesn’t want to be apart, but Kairi’s response makes her uneasy! ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Takane & Hana, Vol. 2

    by Yuki Shiwasu ...
    series Takane & Hana #2
    Hana has to continue to pretend to be her sister after Takane’s grandfather expresses his desire to meet Takane’s prospective marriage partner! But Hana’s totally out of her element at a party hosted by the Takaba Group, the largest conglomerate in Japan! Just how the heck is she supposed to pull this off?! ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Finding My Girl / Loving Talia (Love Like Ours Companion Booklet)

    series Sugar Lake
    FINDING MY GIRL / LOVING TALIA is a companion booklet to the contemporary romance novel, LOVE LIKE OURS (Sugar Lake series).If this is your first Melissa Foster book, please note that Finding My Girl / Loving Talia is not a novel, a novella, or even a typical short story. It is a companion booklet to the full-length contemporary romance novel, Love Like Ours, featuring Talia Dalton and Derek Grant ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Princess Knight, Part 2

    by Osamu Tezuka ...
    Set in a medieval fairy-tale backdrop, Princess Knight is the tale of a young princess named Sapphire who must pretend to be a male prince so she can inherit the throne. Women have long been prevented from taking the throne, but Sapphire is not discouraged and instead she fully accepts the role, becoming a dashing hero(ine) that the populous is proud of.The playful cartooning style of Princess ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Gift from a Mob Boss

    Love in the Mafia

    series Mob Romance and Mafia Romance Series
    Have you ever received a gift that you just could not believe was real? That is exactly what happens to the protagonist in "Gift from a Mob Boss." It took one selfless action on his part for a whole new world of opportunity to be open to him. It was something that he was extremely skeptical about at first but as he learned more, he realized that the change would really suit him. The benefits were ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Exile

    An Outlander Graphic Novel

    Illustrated by Hoang Nguyen ...
    series Outlander
    Diana Gabaldon’s brilliant storytelling has captivated millions of readers in her bestselling and award-winning Outlander saga. Now, in her first-ever graphic novel, Gabaldon gives readers a fresh look at the events of the original Outlander: Jamie Fraser’s side of the story, gorgeously rendered by artist Hoang Nguyen.After too long an absence, Jamie Fraser is coming home to Scotland—but not ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • World of Archie Comics Double Digest #66

    series World of Archie Comics Double Digest #66
    There's a whole world of Archie comics out there, and you can find some of the best and most hilarious winter-themed stories right here! Check out OVER 190 pages of fun, with a BRAND NEW LEAD STORY! In “Me, Myself and I,” Reggie decides to write his memoir and enlists Betty to help him. When he realizes he doesn't have much to write about, he gets creative...very creative... ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Archie's Christmas Spectacular #1

    Illustrated by Archie Superstars ...
    series Archie's Christmas Spectacular #1
    Have a holly, jolly Christmas in this spectacular featuring some of Archie’s most merry stories! ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Fantasy Art Book 1: Sketches

    by Javier Charro ...
    series Fantasy Art Book. Soul & Sword #1
    80 pages Collection of pencil sketches done by the artist Javier Charro.This Art Book contains sketches done for Allwënn: Soul & Sword. written by Jesús B. Vilches and illustrated by Javier Charro ... Read more



    Chapter 1

    by Mika Sakurano ...
    series THE TROUBLE WITH MY BOSS, Chapter Collections #1
    The only one who knows the secret about my boss, an overly talented sadist by the name of me. But why is this successful, hardworking boss of mine so preverted?! The new sensational work love story!! ... Read more


  • Therapy Game, Vol. 2 (Yaoi Manga)

    series Therapy Game #2
    Shizuma finds out about Minato’s plan—and subsequent wager—to seduce and then dump him. But when he rushes to Minato's apartment, an unknown man opens the door! Meanwhile, Minato is stuck wavering between his ever-deepening feelings for Shizuma and his deep-seated fear of falling in love. Can these two overcome misunderstandings and suspicion, or are there simply too many obstacles? ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Therapy Game, Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga)

    series Therapy Game #1
    Recently dumped, and very straight, Shizuma tries to drink his sorrow away, only to wake up being spooned by a man!When he explains to Minato, his drunken fling, that he doesn’t remember a thing about their night together, Minato secretly vows to seduce him again—and then dump him as revenge! But even the best-laid plans can go awry when Cupid has his way. ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Zombie Cherry

    Chapter 1

    by Shoko Conami ...
    series Zombie Cherry, Chapter Collections #1
    Miu is an unfortunate occult fanatic, who guzzled down a whole bottle of "Cherry Soup", the super strong cell revitalization liquid without thinking. Thanks to that, now she's a zombie. This all happened when Miu's just gotten close to her crush, Tohno. However, Tohno can't stomach zombies! Who knows what will happen...?! ... Read more


  • The Maid at my House

    Chapter 1

    by Mihoko Kojima ...
    series The Maid at my House, Chapter Collections #1
    Runako is studying hard to someday succeed as owner of her family's maid dispatching service company. One day, a request comes in from an entertainment production company and shockingly, it's for their super-popular star, Seirei Moroboshi! But could it be that the image he projects on the TV is far different than his true secret face...?! ... Read more


  • Fire-Hot Aunt

    Chapter 1

    by Katsuki Izumi ...
    series Fire-Hot Aunt, Chapter Collections #1
    Toru, who just became a high school student, ends up going to school and living with Sugako, who is his aunt and is also same age as him. The super-beauty Sugako stirs up all kinds of trouble. What will Toru do...?! ... Read more


  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

    series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1
    NEW ONGOING SERIES! Terror is born anew in this dark reimagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s origin. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe from her family’s past has arrived in Greendale, Madame Satan, and she has her own deadly agenda. Archie Comic’s ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Everyone’s Getting Married, Vol. 9

    series Everyone’s Getting Married #9
    Successful career woman Asuka Takanashi has an old-fashioned dream of getting married and becoming a housewife, but popular TV newscaster Ryu Nanami would rather die than ever get married. Asuka doesn’t want to get in the way of Ryu pursuing his career abroad, so she has ended their long-distance relationship. With their lives on different paths, is this loving couple destined to remain apart? ... Read more

    $6.29 USD

  • Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter Vol. 1

    by Reia ...
    Illustrated by Suki Umemiya ...
    series Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughter #1
    After a young woman gets hit by a car, she wakes up in her favorite dating sim as "Iris," the villain of the game. Iris decides that rather than chase after the prince, she'll go down a different route: revolutionize society and save her father's failing fiefdom! Now it's not only Iris's happy ending at stake, but the whole country's... ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Only a Hero Will Do

    The Heart of a Hero Series

    by Alanna Lucas ...
    series The Heart of a Hero Series
    WHAT IF YOUR favorite superheroes had Regency-era doppelgangers? And what if a group of them were recruited to gather intelligence during the Napoleonic Wars while they protected their own parts of the realm?You'd get A Heart of a Hero series.Defender of the realm…and his wary heart…Captain Grant Alexander is an enigma in London society. Dashing and handsome, he coldly eschews marriage. But the ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Allwënn: Soul & Sword - Book 1

    by Javier Charro ...
    series Allwënn: Soul & Sword. The Digital Illustrated Story. #1
    PART I of The Digital Illustrated Story.This is the legend of the indomitable Allwënn, son of elves and dwarves. A man who sometime wanted to die, a man who sometime loved a woman, a man who sometime was not a man, but a beast. This unique graphic novel is one of those rarities than only authors themselves can develop. An intense tale of strong, evocative prose with stunning color illustrations. ... Read more