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Optometry eBooks

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  • How Behavioral Optometry Can Unlock Your Child's Potential

    Identifying and Overcoming Blocks to Concentration, Self-Esteem and School Success with Vision Therapy

    Visual dysfunctions can limit children's concentration, self esteem and school success as they struggle to understand fundamentals such as colors, letters and how to judge distance. With the right help, these obstacles can be overcome, allowing children to reach their full potential and see the world clearly.This accessible book explores how visual problems develop and how they can be reversed ... Read more

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  • Practical Applications of Ophthalmic Assisting

    A Step by Step Guide

    by Dolly Nanda ...
    This book is designed for any person who would like to be help assist within the eye clinic. It is a theoretical and practical step by step based learning tool. It provides information about how clinics run, clinical staff’s roles within a clinic and common eye conditions and their treatment with step by step details of how to perform various tests essential in a clinic. This is a self disciplined ... Read more

    $129.99 AUD

  • Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions

    Inter-professional education that begins in undergraduate or graduate-entry programs has been accepted by universities as a proven method for fostering collaborative practice among health professionals yet there are few truly multidisciplinary books about evidence-based practice that meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in inter-professional courses.Evidence-based ... Read more

    $128.99 AUD

  • Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions - E-Book

    An expanded and revised new E-book edition of the respected evidence-based practice (EBP) foundation text.Evidence-based Practice across the Health Professions, 2nd Edition E-book provides health professions students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become evidence-based clinicians.Years after its 2009 publication, Evidence-based Practice across the Health Professions remains one ... Read more

    $130.99 AUD

  • It's Time to Fight Back (2013 revised edition)

    The opticians' essential guide to growing an independent practice

    If you own or run an opticians practice in the UK you need this book. It shows you how to win more new clients, get them to ethically visit you more often, and increase your average dispense values. The authors work with more than 50 practice owners growing their businesses. See more at www. ... Read more


  • How We Got to Today

    The funny, life-affirming romance you won't be able to put down!

    by Ben Ellis ...
    How can you find love, when you've lost sight of yourself?Alternately funny, tragic, and life-affirming, Ben Ellis' HOW WE GOT TO TODAY is a delightful mix of the everyday and the surreal, the romantic and the comic. Perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Mhairi McFarlane.**'**Funny, heartwarming and uplifting' ***** Reader Review**'**A very worthwhile and enjoyable read that had me riveted until ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Adler's Physiology of the Eye

    Expert Consult

    Drs. Paul L. Kaufman, Albert Alm, Leonard A Levin, Siv F. E. Nilsson, James Ver Hoeve, and Samuel Wu present the 11th Edition of the classic text Adler’s Physiology of the Eye, updated to enhance your understanding of ocular function. This full-color, user-friendly edition captures the latest molecular, genetic, and biochemical discoveries and offers you unparalleled knowledge and insight into the ... Read more

    $116.99 AUD

  • Eyesight And Vision Cure: How To Prevent Eyesight Problems: How To Improve Your Eyesight: Foods, Supplements And Eye Exercises For Better Vision

    by Ace McCloud ...
    Would you love to have great eyesight again?Whether you want to (1) improve your vision, (2) prevent your eyesight from getting worse, or (3) just see much better again, this book will teach you everything you need to know.Improve and protect your eyesight.Discover some of the best all-natural and medical methods to improve your eyesight and to help... ... Read more

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  • The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning

    Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed

    Vision, in all its complexity, is more than meets the eye. The knowledge that lies between the covers of this book will define, with depth and clarity, what this magnificent sense actually encompasses and why it is critical to the learning process. Far beyond 20/20, vision involves more than two-dozen skills that enable us to navigate through the world.There are inestimable numbers of children who ... Read more

    $57.99 AUD

  • Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology

    series Oxford Medical Handbooks
    Fully revised and updated throughout, the fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Ophthalmology now includes free access to the ophthalmic online media bank, a selection of high-quality clinical images and videos for a wide breadth of key ophthalmic diseases. Clear, concise, and practical, this handbook provides immediate access to the detailed clinical information you need, in casualty, clinic, ... Read more

    $72.99 AUD

  • Macular Degeneration

    The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight

    The acclaimed book on macular degeneration—now completely revised and updated with cutting edge research and the latest developments in the field.More than fifteen million Americans have age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and the disease will strike 200,000 more people this year. It is the most prevalent cause of vision loss in the western world. Dr. Lylas Mogk, the founding director of the ... Read more

    $20.99 AUD

  • The Neuro-Ophthalmology Survival Guide E-Book

    This book is a practical, symptom-based, ‘how-to’ guide to neuro-ophthalmology and acquired strabismus for all trainee and practising ophthalmologists and optometrists. Each chapter focusses on a specific clinical symptom and includes an introduction to the clinical assessment of a symptom; an examination checklist; a management flowchart to be followed; clinical diagnostic criteria checklists; ... Read more

    $75.99 AUD

  • Theory and Practice of Optics & Refraction - E-book

    by A. K. Khurana ...
    Theory and Practice of Optics and Refraction in its fourth edition continues to be a part of Modern System of Ophthalmology (MSO) Series. Without altering the basic text and layout, each chapter in this edition has been thoroughly revised to keep abreast with newer concepts and principles of optics and refraction involved in investigative as well as treatment modalities evolved over the period of ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • The Eye Book

    A Complete Guide to Eye Disorders and Health

    series A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book
    The Owner's Manual for Your Eyes: The most comprehensive guide to taking care of vision.Winner of the National Health Information Award (Consumer Decision-Making Information) by the National Health Information Awards, American Book Fest Best Book Social Change and Current Events by the American Book FestIn The Eye Book, specialist Dr. Gary H. Cassel presents readers with trusted, evidence-based ... Read more

    $31.99 AUD

  • Vision for Life, Revised Edition

    Ten Steps to Natural Eyesight Improvement

    All parts of the body need exercise for optimal health, and the eyes are no different. Vision for Life presents an approach to eye health for people with 20/20 vision who wish to maintain their perfect vision as well as people who see poorly and would like to improve their eyesight.Clients of the Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method experience their own capacity to bring about recovery, reversing ... Read more

    $25.99 AUD

  • Clinical Anatomy of the Visual System E-Book

    Taking the place of the multiple texts traditionally needed to cover visual anatomy and physiology, Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System, 3rd Edition dramatically lightens your load by providing one book that covers it all! This concise, well-referenced resource contains information on the clinical anatomy of the eye, its adnexa and visual pathways, histologic information, plus ... Read more

    $143.99 AUD

  • Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care E-Book

    Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care helps you master all of the knowledge you need to support today's growing optometric patient population. Ideal for students and practitioners alike, this well-organized, accessibly written optometry reference takes a simple, step-by-step approach to describing the commonly used primary eye care procedures you'll encounter.Effectively diagnose and manage your ... Read more

    $96.99 AUD

  • Ipermetropia e astigmatismo

    Ipermetropia e AstigmatismoQuesto libro risolve i problemi di ipermetropia con allenamenti che risolvono i problemi di schiacciamento del bulbo oculare causato dalla dilatazione e la mancanza di tensione nel nervo ottico.Questo è il motivo per il quale per l’ipermetropia non esiste nulla che sia efficace al cento per cento. Quello che propone l’educazione o l’igiene visiva da una parte contrae il ... Read more

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  • 青光眼病人指导手册

    青光眼是一种眼球内压力过高并能伤害视神经的眼科疾病,它是新加坡导致失明的主要原因。尽管这种很大程度上可以防止失明的眼病是非常严肃的事情,但市面上很少有书籍向公众教导并介绍这种眼科疾病。如果有人在国立图书馆、社区图书馆或书店做一个调查,就会发现没有或很少有关于青光眼的书。蔡子龙医生的书就是写给公众关于青光眼的几本书之一。有眼部问题的人可能会有一个紧张的心理过程,做了一个又一个的检查,不知道还会增加什么样的内心焦虑,这是由于知识的缺乏造成的。蔡子龙医生填补了这项空白,这是一本献给青光眼病人和他们所爱的人的书,美国普通外科的创始人埃弗雷特 •KOOP 医生曾经说过: “最好的处方是知识”。 ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • In Contact

    Clinical Contact Lens Practice

    In Contact: Clinical Contact Lens Practice is up to date on many aspects of research, clinical practice and philosophies, as well as materials, solutions, designs and leading-edge technologies such as topography, OCT, eye surface profilers and the like. The latest evolutionary developments, like scleral lenses and myopia control, are also well detailed - Alan Saks ... Read more

    $19.33 AUD

  • Throw It Off!!

    How I Cured My Eyesight Naturally In Just 6 Months

    by Rohit Sahu ...
    “They say, we can’t correct our vision without professional help, and there’s no quick-and-easy fix for eyesight loss. But with tools such as effective eye exercises, calming practices, active focus, close-ups, and good nutrition and diet—you can still heal your eyesight naturally and attain optimal eyesight on your own.”Can we really get rid of spectacles? Well, to get an answer I examined ... Read more


  • The Best Contact Lenses

    by Mary J. Allen ...
    A Single Source For Contact Lenses, Acuvue Contacts, Contacts Online, Colored Contact, Glasses, Dry Eyes and More! ... Read more

    $3.15 AUD

  • 白内障病人指导手册

    这是第一本向外行人和普通读者介绍白内障和白内障手术方面知识的书。书中非常清晰的解释和描述揭开了白内障的神秘面纱,同时评估了治疗白内障的各种手术方法及眼内人工晶体的植入,特别是在第八章中关于白内障手术的风险和并发症,第九章中手术后的护理,这些较少为人所知的内容更受欢迎,第十二章中所介绍的白内障手术发展前景让我们知道了什么是医学生物学的最新科技。 ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • Lasik Eye Surgery

    Read This on Lasik Eye Surgery: What is the Initial Lasik Eye Exam Like, Truth About Intra Lasik, Good Post-Op Lasik Care, Eye Care After a Lasik Procedure, Statistics for Lasik Surgery Patients and What is a Wavefront Lasik Procedure Like?   ... Read more

    $3.33 AUD