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    Loved this book!

    I can't even begin to say how much I LOVED this book!! Revisiting all the couples from the series and seeing Miles get his HEA was the perfect ending to the series. Seeing where each character was in his/her life, the small troubles each faced, and applauding how love and commitment got each one through made this one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a while. Written in seven different POV's seems like it would be hard to keep up with but it wasn't at all. The characters are all so entwined throughout the series, going from one to the other was the perfect way to write this one. I highly recommend this one! You could read this standalone but don't cheat yourself. Read the other two books in the series then read this wrap up. You'll enjoy it so much more.
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    Wonderful and fitting end to the series

    This third story in the If Only series is a wonderful conclusion to the romances begun in the first two books (which are standalones and had happy and satisfying endings on their own). If you haven't read those two prior to this one, there is still a good introduction to the couples of interest and one new romance to add to the mix. It's rare to have a romance with more than 3 or 4 points of view, and in this one we get seven! Though you might think that would make for a more complicated reading, the points of view were clearly marked and definitely made for a richer experience. Reading this book also made me think of the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral (without the funeral part), with its general madcap antics and proper Scotsmen (wink wink). I loved that movie, and I loved this story equally. The central focus of the story is Duncan and Elaina's wedding. Having been introduced to these two in the first book in the series as secondary characters, their romance was just getting underway and it was wonderful to get to see things as they take the plunge into committing to spending their lives together, and for Duncan, moving away from his Scottish home to live with Elaina in Greece. They made for such an interesting couple, definitely a case of opposites attract, but a most delightful one. Duncan has always come across as a very down to earth, friendly man with a big heart. He lives hard and he loves hard, making mistakes along the way. His decisions have consequences though, and I enjoyed seeing him and Elaina work through them before their big day. For Noah and Jordan who've been living together happily for the past three years, it's a chance to reconnect with their old friends and consider making things more permanent between them. As the couple who started the series off, I loved seeing them together and finding that they are still wholly committed to each other. Griffin and Maggie are the newer couple, Griffin having dated Jordan briefly before she ended up with Noah, and now having found Maggie. Maggie has some unique health problems, and these have resulted in Griffin being overprotective of her, to the point that they still have communication problems in their relationship. They had some issues to deal with on this trip to the wedding, but it was a good example of the work that's involved in a relationship once the initial starry eyed romance has settled down. The new romance in this one is with a favourite secondary character from Maggie and Griffin's book, Maggie's best friend Miles. He's been invited along to the wedding, to be there for Maggie in case she needs any assistance as Griffin is part of the wedding party. On the plane, Miles meets a gentleman with whom he shares an instant attraction - and who by luck or fate, ends up being a chef at Elaina's family restaurant. Miles is such a fun character but more of a playboy than a man of commitment. A vacation fling is something he's pretty comfortable with - only he discovers as he spends time with Alex that maybe, this time, he'd be willing to commit to more. I loved seeing him find someone willing to challenge him and keep him on his toes. With all of these couples we get some sexy scenes, lots of humour (including some airplane shenanigans) a wonderful sense of their friendships and I thought this was a fitting end to the series. I'm going to miss them. 4.5 stars.
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    New meaning to ..."through the eyes of love".

    A.J. Pine examines love in this comical, emotional and entertaining read. I Do gives a whole new meaning to the saying "through the eyes of love". Ms. Pine invites of into the lives of four couples as they journey through the pitfalls, rewards and baggage that love entails. Set in motion by the pending nuptials of close friends each couple starts to question and take her closer look at the relationship they are in flaws and all. I recieved an ARC of I Do in exchange for an honest review.

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