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  • Foundation

    by Isaac Asimov ...
    series Foundation #1
    **The first novel in Isaac Asimov’s classic science-fiction masterpiece, the Foundation seriesSOON TO BE AN APPLE TV+ SERIES, COMING 9/24/21 • Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read**For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme. Now it is dying. But only Hari Seldon, creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory, can see into the ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Ancillary Justice

    by Ann Leckie ...
    series Imperial Radch #1
    Ancillary Justice is Ann Leckie's stunning debut -- the only novel to ever win the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke awards -- about a ship's AI who becomes trapped in a human body and her quest for revenge. A must read for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin and James S. A. Corey."There are few who write science fiction like Ann Leckie can. There are few who ever could." -- John ScalziOn a remote, icy ... Read more

    $9.99 USD $2.99 USD

  • Lightwave: Folding Space Series Books 0.5 through 3.0

    by AM Scott ...
    series Folding Space Series
    The complete seven-book classic space opera series is ready for binge-reading! This set includes Books 1.0 through 3.0, plus the prequel novella Book 0.5, Lightwave: Nexus Station!Saree’s got a secret. A truly unique talent.Trillions rely on her rare gift. If they knew, they’d betray her in a heartbeat for the huge reward.Despite Saree’s best efforts, rumors fly. Desperate, she jumps on Lightwave ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Project Hail Mary

    A Novel

    by Andy Weir ...
    **NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the author of The Martian, a lone astronaut must save the earth from disaster in this “propulsive” (Entertainment Weekly), cinematic thriller full of suspense, humor, and fascinating science—in development as a major motion picture starring Ryan Gosling.“An epic story of redemption, discovery and cool speculative sci-fi.”—USA Today“If you loved The Martian, you ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • Star Trek: Coda: Book 1: Moments Asunder

    by Dayton Ward ...
    series Star Trek #1
    The crews of Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker unite to prevent a cosmic-level apocalypse—only to find that some fates really are inevitable.STARFLEET’S FINEST FACES A CHALLENGE UNLIKE ANY OTHERTOMORROW IS DOOMEDTime is coming apart. Countless alternate and parallel realities are under attack, weakening and collapsing from relentless onslaught. If left unchecked, the ... Read more

    $11.99 USD


  • The Ministry for the Future

    A Novel

    ONE OF BARACK OBAMA’S FAVORITE BOOKS OF THE YEAR**“The best science-fiction nonfiction novel I’ve ever read.” —Jonathan Lethem"If I could get policymakers, and citizens, everywhere to read just one book this year, it would be Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Ministry for the Future." —Ezra Klein (Vox)**The Ministry for the Future is a masterpiece of the imagination, using fictional eyewitness accounts ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • The Star Trek: Enterprise: The Expanse

    by J.M. Dillard ...
    series Star Trek: Enterprise
    With the mindless destruction of over seven million people, Starfleet and the crew of the Enterprise must face the fact that someone is willing to destroy the Earth and all of her people.High above the planet Earth, an alien probe appears and in an unspeakably horrific instant, releases a deadly blast that strafes the planet's surface, leaving a miles-wide, smoldering crater of destruction in its ... Read more

    $8.99 USD $0.99 USD

  • Cibola Burn

    series The Expanse #4
    The fourth book in the NYT bestselling Expanse series, Cibola Burn sees the crew of the Rocinante on a new frontier, as the rush to colonize the new planets threatens to outrun law and order and give way to war and chaos. Now a Prime Original series.HUGO AWARD WINNER FOR BEST SERIESEnter a new frontier."An empty apartment, a missing family, that's creepy. But this is like finding a military base ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Three-Body Problem

    by Cixin Liu ...
    Translated by Ken Liu ...
    series The Three-Body Problem Series #1
    Soon to be a Netflix Original Series!An NPR Best Book of the DecadeWinner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel“War of the Worlds for the 21st century.” – Wall Street JournalThe Three-Body Problem is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience the Hugo Award-winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin.Set agains... ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • The Reefs of Time

    Part One of the "Out of Time" Sequence

    series The Chaos Chronicles #5
    The starstream is beautiful.But beauty turns deadly when an ancient AI bent on destructionuses it to travel uptime, to humanity's future.The Mindaru are dead. Or so exiled-Earthman John Bandicut and his alien companions believe, after their intervention to save the Orion Nebula and surrounding worlds. But now a part of this ancient and malicious AI colony is swarming toward the present from its ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Three-Body Problem Series

    The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Death's End

    by Cixin Liu ...
    Translated by Ken Liu, Joel Martinsen ...
    series The Three-Body Problem Series
    This discounted ebundle of the Three-Body Trilogy includes: The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Death’s End"Wildly imaginative, really interesting." —President Barack ObamaThe Three-Body trilogy by New York Times bestseller Cixin Liu keeps you riveted with high-octane action, political intrigue, and unexpected twists in this saga of first contact with the extraterrestrial Trisolaris.The Three ... Read more

    $28.78 USD

  • Bayonet Dawn

    SMC Marauders, #1

    by Scott Moon ...
    series SMC Marauders #1
    Family honor. Unbreakable destiny. Ultimate sacrifice. One man will do anything to save what matters most.Kevin Connelly embarks on a quest to honor the memory of his grandfather, a war hero in a neighborhood without heroes, and rescue his twin siblings from mysterious aliens. His older brother, now the head of their orphaned family has other plans, requiring him to flee a contract with a powerful ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Monstrous Regiment

    series Discworld #31
    War has come to Discworld ... again.And, to no one's great surprise, the conflict centers around the small, arrogantly fundamentalist duchy of Borogravia, which has long prided itself on its unrelenting aggressiveness. A year ago, Polly Perks's brother marched off to battle, and Polly's willing to resort to drastic measures to find him. So she cuts off her hair, dons masculine garb, and -- aided ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Living Memory

    series Star Trek: The Original Series
    An all-new Star Trek movie-era adventure!While attempting to settle in as commandant of Starfleet Academy, Admiral James T. Kirk must suddenly contend with the controversial, turbulent integration of an alien warrior caste into the student body—and quickly becomes embroiled in conflict when the Academy controversy escalates to murder. Meanwhile, Captain Spock of the USS Enterprise and Commander ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Star Trek: Discovery: Dead Endless

    by Dave Galanter ...
    series Star Trek: Discovery
    A novel based upon the explosive Star Trek TV series!The U.S.S. Discovery’s specialty is using its spore-based hub drive to jump great distances faster than any warp-faring vessel in Starfleet. To do this, Lieutenant Paul Stamets navigates the ship through the recently revealed mycelial network, a subspace domain Discovery can briefly transit but in which it cannot remain. After responding to a ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • I Will Fear No Evil

    The brilliantly shocking story of the ultimate transplant from New York Times bestselling author Robert A. Heinlein.As startling and provocative as his famous Stranger in a Strange Land, here is Heinlein's awesome masterpiece about a man supremely talented, immensely old and obscenely wealthy who discovers that money can buy everything. Even a new life in the body of a beautiful young woman.Once ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • Cast Adrift

    Cast Adrift, #1

    series Cast Adrift #1
    Five hundred years ago, the human race discovered it was not alone in the universe when Earth was invaded and forcibly integrated by the Alphan Empire. Over the years, humans have grown used to their position within the empire, serving as soldiers and spacers for alien masters as well as building a place in the universe for themselves. But now, in the aftermath of a violent interstellar war that ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Ascendant

    by Jack Campbell ...
    series Genesis Fleet, The #2
    A young fleet officer and a Marine stand together to defend their colony in the continuation of the powerful and action-packed Genesis Fleet saga from New York Times bestselling author Jack Campbell.In the three years since former fleet officer Rob Geary and former Marine Mele Darcy led improvised forces to repel attacks on the newly settled world of Glenlyon, tensions have only gotten worse.When ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Diplomatic Implausibility

    series Star Trek: The Next Generation
    200 YEARS AGO: The expanding Klingon Empire found a frozen world rich in deposits of the mineral topaline. They named the planet taD -- Klingon for "frozen" -- and they called the people jeghpu'wI' -- conquered.FOUR YEARS AGO: The Klingon Empire invaded Cardassia, breaching the Khitomer Accords and causing a break with the Federation. On taD, depleted Klingon forces were overthrown in a small coup ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Klingon Empire: A Burning House

    series Star Trek: The Next Generation
    They have been the Federation's staunchest allies, and its fiercest adversaries. Cunning, ruthless, driven by an instinct for violence and defined by a complex code of honor, they must push ever outward in order to survive, defying the icy ravages of space with the fire of their hearts. They are the Klingons, and if you think you already know all there is to learn about them...think again.From its ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Intellivore

    by Diane Duane ...
    series Star Trek: The Next Generation
    The Great Rift lies between the Sagitarius and Orion arms of the galaxy. Stars are scarce there, beyond the authority of the Federation, and legends abound of lost civilizations and of ancient monsters that prey on those who dare to venture into the vast darkness between the stars.When several ships and colonies mysteriously disappear into the Rift, the U.S.S. Enterprise leads an expedition to ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Singular Destiny

    series Star Trek: The Next Generation
    The Shape of Things to ComeThe cataclysmic events of Star Trek: Destiny have devastated known space. Worlds have fallen. Lives have been destroyed. And in the uneasy weeks that follow, the survivors of the holocaust continue to be tested to the limits of their endurance.But strange and mysterious occurrences are destabilizing the galaxy's battle-weary Allies even further. In the Federation, ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Star Crusader: Renegades

    series Star Crusader
    The Alliance Navy's renowned assault carrier ANS Relentless is sent into action for the first time in more than a year. She’s been significantly enlarged, upgraded and improved with Byotai armour and heavy weaponry. But most significant of all, Relentless is the first carrier to embark a squadron of the alliance’s newest fighters, the deadly F26 Firehawks.Nate and Billy have completed their ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Corporation Wars: Dissidence

    by Ken MacLeod ...
    series The Corporation Wars #1
    From Arthur C. Clarke Award-nominated author Ken MacLeod, an action-packed space opera told against a backdrop of interstellar drone warfare, virtual reality, and an A.I. revolution.Carlos is dead.A soldier who died for his ideals a thousand years ago, he's been reincarnated and conscripted to fight an A.I. revolution in deep space. And he's not sure he's fighting for the right side.Seba is alive ... Read more

    $9.99 USD $1.99 USD