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Steampunk eBooks

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  • The Black God's Drums

    Rising science fiction and fantasy star P. Djèlí Clark brings an alternate New Orleans of orisha, airships, and adventure to life in his immersive debut novella The Black God's Drums.Alex Award Winner!In an alternate New Orleans caught in the tangle of the American Civil War, the wall-scaling girl named Creeper yearns to escape the streets for the air--in particular, by earning a spot on-board the ... Read more

    $7.99 USD $4.99 USD

  • The Infused Man

    The Cunning Man, A Schooled in Magic Spin-Off, #2

    Book 2 - The Cunning Man, A Schooled in Magic Spin-Off
    Adam wanted to be a magician, but now he's something more ...The university of Heart's Eye barely survived the conflict between magical and mundane students, a conflict fanned by an undercover sorcerer hiding in the last place anyone suspected, a conflict that came within moments of destroying the university or delivering the student body into inescapable servitude. But the fight for academic ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • A Master of Djinn

    Book 1 - Dead Djinn Universe
    Included in NPR’s Favorite Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books Of The Past Decade (2011-2021)A Nebula Award WinnerA Ignyte Award WinnerA Compton Crook Award for Best New Novel WinnerA Locus First Novel Award WinnerA RUSA Reading List: Fantasy WinnerA Hugo Award FinalistA World Fantasy Award FinalistA NEI... ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • Kinslayer

    The Lotus War Book Two

    by Jay Kristoff ...
    Book 2 - The Lotus War
    Kinslayer is Book Two in Jay Kristoff's critically acclaimed Lotus War series that began with Stormdancer, featuring an unforgettable heroine and a stunningly original Japanese dystopian steampunk worldA SHATTERED EMPIREThe mad Shogun Yoritomo has been assassinated by the Stormdancer Yukiko, and the threat of civil war looms over the Shima Imperium. The toxic blood lotus flower continues to ravage ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • The Wrath of the Great Guilds

    by Jack Campbell ...
    Book 6 - The Pillars of Reality
    New York Times best-selling author Jack Campbell's epic series, The Pillars of Reality, reaches its exciting conclusion.The Great Guilds, fearing the loss of their control of the world of Dematr, have gathered their power and joined it with the relentless legions of the Empire. The full might of that host will fall upon the fortress city of Dorcastle. If Dorcastle falls, the revolt led by Master ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • A Dead Djinn in Cairo

    A Tor.Com Original

    series Dead Djinn Universe
    **Alex Award-winning author P. Djèlí Clark, A Dead Djinn in Cairo is a original historcal fantasy set in an alternate early twentieth century infused with the otherworldly.Egypt, 1912.** In Cairo, the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities investigate disturbances between the mortal and the (possibly) divine.What starts off as an odd suicide case for Special ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Galileo's Ascension

    Book 3 - The New Dark Ages
    Thrown once again into the wild, Ellia is alone. She has betrayed those who trusted her so she can face her mother and stop the Church's terrible war tearing apart the countryside. She knows she's walking into a trap, but she can't sit by and watch the world burn.Kieva, sworn to protect Ellia, is trapped underground, forced to deal with the wrath of Seth, the mad leader of the Order, a group ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Wicked Gentlemen

    by Ginn Hale ...
    Belimai Sykes is many things: a Prodigal, the descendant of ancient demons, a creature of dark temptations and rare powers. He is also a man with a brutal past and a dangerous addiction. And Belimai Sykes is the only man Captain William Harper can turn to when faced with a series of grisly murders. But Mr. Sykes does not work for free and the price of Belimai’s company will cost Captain Harper far ... Read more

    $5.75 USD

  • The Parasol Protectorate Boxed Set

    Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless and Timeless

    by Gail Carriger ...
    series The Parasol Protectorate
    Alexia Tarabotti is laboring under a great many social tribulations. First, she has no soul. Second, she's a spinster whose father is both Italian and dead. Third, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, breaking all standards of social etiquette.Where to go from there? From bad to worse apparently, for Alexia accidentally kills the vampire -- and then the appalling Lord Maccon (loud, messy, ... Read more

    $18.99 USD

  • War of the Worlds

    The Anglo-Martian War of 1895

    by Mike Brunton ...
    series Dark Osprey
    On one terrible night in August 1895, the world changed forever. Grey metal cylinders, launched from Mars andhurtled through space, came crashing down in southern England. The next 15 days were marked by courage and despair, hope and shock, defeat and fleeting victory as Queen Victoria's army struggled to contain the terrible alien threat. The war, man against machines from space, was fought ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • The Order of The Rose: Forsaken Petal (Book 1)

    by Joshua Hoyt ...
    Book One in an exciting new trilogy that combines the worlds of both magic and technology to create an epic adventure that will spellbind readers of all ages!Tom Alerio, a young boy, soon realizes that his unique ability to wield magic will change his life forever.Sent away by his mother at a young age to protect him from the sisterhood who destroy all boys with the ability, Tom quickly finds ... Read more

    $4.95 USD

  • Wizard Squared

    by K. E. Mills ...
    Book 3 - Rogue Agent
    When the staff of Witches Incorporated receive a visitor from an alternate reality, they are shocked to learn that life in the parallel world next door is anything but a bed of roses . . . and it's all because of Gerald Dunwoody.At a crucial moment in time, their Gerald turned left . . . but the alternate reality Gerald turned right. Now the parallel world next door is in the grip of terror, ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Queen of Candesce

    Book Two of Virga

    Book 2 - Virga
    Venera Fanning was last seen falling into nothingness at the end of Sun of Suns. Now, in Queen of Candesce, Venera finds herself plunging through the air between the artificial continents of Virga, far from home and her husband, who may or may not be alive. Landing in the ancient nation of Spyre, Venera encounters new enemies and new friends (or at least convenient allies). She must quickly learn ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • The Affinity Bridge

    A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation

    by George Mann ...
    Book 1 - Newbury & Hobbes
    Get ready to follow dazzling young writer George Mann to a London unlike any you've ever seen and into an adventure you will never forget, in The Affinity Bridge.Welcome to the bizarre and dangerous world of Victorian London, a city teetering on the edge of revolution. Its people are ushering in a new era of technology, dazzled each day by unfamiliar inventions. Airships soar in the skies over the ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • The Mysteries of the Relict Pyramid (Reality Benders Book #9)

    Reality Benders, #9

    Book 9 - Reality Benders
    Gnat the Devourer is becoming a more prominent figure in grand space politics. Sure, he may not be totally independent yet, but he has enough leeway to be able to differentiate Earth's interests from those of its Geckho suzerains and act exclusively for the good of his own kind.Gnat must balance obligations to his almighty suzerains against a desire to advance humanity's position in space, and his ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter

    by Rod Duncan ...
    Book 1 - The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire
    **Phillip K. Dick Award Finalist“Steampunk and circus wonder” come together in this “tight and fun” series starring an undercover female detective on the lam in alternate Victorian England (The Washington Post)**Elizabeth Barnabus lives a double life—as herself and as her brother, the private detective. She is trying to solve the mystery of a disappearing aristocrat and a hoard of arcane machines. ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • Newton's Cannon

    by Greg Keyes ...
    series The Age of Unreason
    This novel of Ben Franklin, Isaac Newton, and a demonic Louis XIV is “eminently worthwhile reading for both fantasy and alternate-history lovers” (Booklist).In 1681, in an England somewhat like our England . . . the great alchemist Sir Isaac Newton makes the remarkable discovery of a substance he calls philosopher’s mercury, with which one can manipulate the four essential elements of the universe ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Pirate Sun

    Book Three of Virga

    Book 3 - Virga
    Return to Virga, a bubble universe artificially separated from our own future universe, and the setting ofSun of Suns and Queen of Candesce.Chaison Fanning, the admiral of a fleet of warships, has been captured and imprisoned by his enemies, but is suddenly rescued and set free. He flees through the sky to his home city to confront the ruler who betrayed him. And perhaps even to regain his lovely, ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Combustion

    by Elia Winters ...
    Astrid Bailey is content living alone, balancing her career as a contract machinist with her true passion: making “felicitation devices” for her discerning female clients. The upcoming World’s Fair, with its substantial cash prize, is an opportunity for her to open the shop she’s always imagined and solve her financial woes. With questionable credentials, though, she’s unable to enter without a ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Demon in the Machine

    by Lise MacTague ...
    At the height of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, steam power and magic join forces to create wonders the world has never seen. But those wonders have a dark side—one that will soon force a reckoning few could have anticipated.Half-demon Briar is content with her structured life as an archivist, a far cry from the chaos of her background and upbringing. Briar’s simple and predictable existence is ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall

    by Chris Dolley ...
    Book 4 - Reeves and Worcester Steampunk Mysteries
    Wodehouse steampunk version of The Hound of the Baskervilles!“Jeeves and Wooster meet (or run face-first into) Holmes and Watson with a touch of steampunk in the hilarious first full-length Reeves and Worcester tale ... This laugh-out-loud parody works on several levels ... With razor-sharp wit and fast pacing that plays fair with the reader, this is an excellent genre mash-up that fires on all ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Fate of the Free Lands

    by Jack Campbell ...
    Book 3 - Empress of the Endless Sea
    Trapped inside the Empire, Captain Jules of Landfall has to use every deadly trick and strategy she knows to avoid recapture by the Emperor’s legions, and stay alive despite every attempt the Mages make to kill her. The only chance to get away may require walking back into the trap she barely escaped the first time. But even her freedom won’t be enough. The prophecy that consumes Jules’s life ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • High Crimes and Miscreants

    Book 4 - The Magnetron Chronicles
    Phineas Magnetron is an eccentric Nineteenth Century inventor and former Union soldier who sustained a war injury which has unaccountably bestowed upon him a strange gift he doesn't completely understand. No stranger to peril and derring-do, Phineas is asked to join the Hogalum Society, an inscrutable secret organization of crime fighting adventurers, by none other than Society founder Dr. Yngve ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Lady Dragon

    Whiskey Davis, High Queen of the Sanguire, funnels her former street wiles into diplomatic channels and alliances with governments as she consolidates her growing power with the help of Margaurethe O’Toole and Valmont. Her maturing leadership is the only hope for peace among the Sanguire. But European partisans seek retribution for an ancient injustice perpetrated by Whiskey’s previous ... Read more

    $9.99 USD