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Web Development eBooks

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  • Mastering Illustrator

    Series series Smashing eBooks
    One of the most beloved vector graphic softwares among Web Designers is Adobe Illustrator. But getting to know all of its tools and features can be time-consuming. With this eBook we try to ease the learning process for you. You'll get to learn how to create graphics, transform a sketch into a vector, combine analog and digital techniques, prepare artwork for screen printing and also learn useful ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Advanced CSS Collection

    CSS has grown from a language for formatting documents into a robust language for designing web applications. Its syntax is easy to learn, making CSS a great entry point for those new to programming. Indeed, it's often the second language that developers learn, right behind HTML.As CSS's feature set and abilities have grown, so has its depth. In this collection of books, we'll be exploring some of ... Read more

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  • Positioning in CSS

    Layout Enhancements for the Web

    by Eric A. Meyer ...
    The Grid Layout spec will soon change your approach to website design, but there will still be plenty of uses for CSS positioning tricks. Whether you want to create sidebars that remain in the viewport (browser window), add sticky section headings to lists or long articles, or overlap one element with another, this concise ebook will expertly guide you through all the main CSS positioning types ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • Tidy First?

    by Kent Beck ...
    Tidying up messy software is a must. And that means breaking up the code to make it more readable, and using guard clauses and helping functions to make it understandable. In this practical guide, author Kent Beck, creator of Extreme Programming and pioneer of software patterns, suggests when and where you might apply tidyings in your code.Instead of trying to master tidying all at once, this book ... Read more

    $24.99 USD

  • Basic Visual Formatting in CSS

    Layout Fundamentals in CSS

    by Eric A. Meyer ...
    Some aspects of the CSS formatting model may seem counterintuitive at first, but as you’ll learn in this practical guide, the more you work with these features, the more they make sense. Author Eric Meyer gives you a good grounding in CSS visual rendering, from element box rules and concepts to the specifics of managing tricky layouts for block-level and inline elements.Short and sweet, this book ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Core Spring 5 Certification in Detail

    by Ivan Krizsan ...
    A walk-through of the study guide to Pivotal's Core Spring Certification for Spring Framework 5 with detailed answers and explanations. ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • REST API Design Rulebook

    Designing Consistent RESTful Web Service Interfaces

    by Mark Masse ...
    In today’s market, where rival web services compete for attention, a well-designed REST API is a must-have feature. This concise book presents a set of API design rules, drawn primarily from best practices that stick close to the Web’s REST architectural style. Along with rules for URI design and HTTP use, you’ll learn guidelines for media types and representational forms.REST APIs are ubiquitous, ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • SEO for WordPress: “How I Hit Page #1 Of Google In 27 days!”

    by Kent Mauresmo ...
    In this updated book, I’m going show you how I easily got on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Most SEO companies will charge you $500 - $1,000 just to audit your website. That’s too expensive and I’ll show you how to audit your entire website for free!My name is Kent Mauresmo. I’m a web developer and I specifically focus on SEO and search engine marketing. I’m one of the webmasters and ... Read more

    $0.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Java Performance

    In-Depth Advice for Tuning and Programming Java 8, 11, and Beyond

    by Scott Oaks ...
    Coding and testing are generally considered separate areas of expertise. In this practical book, Java expert Scott Oaks takes the approach that anyone who works with Java should be adept at understanding how code behaves in the Java Virtual Machine—including the tunings likely to help performance. This updated second edition helps you gain in-depth knowledge of Java application performance using ... Read more

    $36.99 USD

  • Spring Cloud Data Flow

    Native Cloud Orchestration Services for Microservice Applications on Modern Runtimes

    Work with big data applications by using Spring Cloud Data Flow as a unified, distributed, and extensible system for data ingestion and integration, real-time analytics and data processing pipelines, batch processing, and data export. With this book you will develop a foundation for creating applications that use real-time data streaming by combining different technologies and use the full power ... Read more

    $62.99 USD

  • Programming Concepts in C++

    by Robert Burns ...
    Programming Concepts in C++ is one in a series of books that introduce the basic concepts of computer programming, using a selected programming language. Other books in the series use languages like Java and Python, but all focus on concepts and not on any particular language. The presentation of the material is the same in each language, and much of the text is identical. Code samples are ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Dreamweaver CC

    Visual QuickStart Guide

    With the release of Adobe Creative Suite CC, Dreamweaver again solidifies its role as the de facto tool of choice for anyone designing for the Web. Adobe Dreamweaver CC: Visual QuickStart Guide uses a combination of task-based instruction and strong visuals to teach beginning and intermediate users how to create, design, and publish powerful, innovative Web sites with Dreamweaver. Leading ... Read more

    $23.99 USD

  • Head First WordPress

    A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Blog

    by Jeff Siarto ...
    Whether you’re promoting your business or writing about your travel adventures, Head First WordPress will teach you not only how to make your blog look unique and attention-grabbing, but also how to dig into the more complex features of WordPress 3.0 to make your website work well, too.You’ll learn how to move beyond the standard WordPress look and feel by customizing your blog with your own URL, ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Flexbox in CSS

    by Estelle Weyl ...
    Layout designers rejoice: CSS finally has an update that will make your lives easier. Flexible box layout, often called Flexbox, frees you from the challenges of creating layouts with floats and padding? and lets you specify containers and their contents instead. The new model means you can specify the directions in which material flows, how content wraps, and the ways components can expand to ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Ordering Disorder

    Grid Principles for Web Design

    by Khoi Vinh ...
    Series series Voices That Matter
    The grid has long been an invaluable tool for creating order out of chaos for designers of all kinds—from city planners to architects to typesetters and graphic artists. In recent years, web designers, too, have come to discover the remarkable power that grid-based design can afford in creating intuitive, immersive, and beautiful user experiences.Ordering Disorder delivers a definitive take on ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Android Developer Tools Essentials

    Android Studio to Zipalign

    Android development can be challenging, but through the effective use of Android Developer Tools (ADT), you can make the process easier and improve the quality of your code. This concise guide demonstrates how to build apps with ADT for a device family that features several screen sizes, different hardware capabilities, and a varying number of resources.With examples in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • Decoupled Django

    Understand and Build Decoupled Django Architectures for JavaScript Front-ends

    Apply decoupling patterns, properly test a decoupled project, and integrate a Django API with React, and Vue.js. This book covers decoupled architectures in Django, with Django REST framework and GraphQL. With practical and simple examples, you’ll see firsthand how, why, and when to decouple a Django project.Starting with an introduction to decoupled architectures versus monoliths, with a strong ... Read more

    $40.99 USD

  • Hands-On UX Design for Developers

    Design, prototype, and implement compelling user experiences from scratch.

    by Elvis Canziba ...
    Learn every step you need for product design and developmentKey FeaturesExplore all the tools that you need to be a complete UX designerCode the product designs you’ve created to become a full-stack designerBuild an amazing portfolio with real-world projectsBook DescriptionDesigning user experience (UX) is one of the most important aspects of a project, as it has a direct effect on how customers ... Read more

    $28.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Tailwind CSS

    Get a rapid introduction to Tailwind, the utility-first CSS framework, and start building sites with it today!For many years, component-based frameworks, like Bootstrap, were the de facto standard for building websites quickly and easily. But all this magic comes with a price. Without serious customization, sites built with such frameworks look similar to each other. And customization is a real ... Read more

    $11.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Full Stack Quarkus and React

    Hands-on full stack web development with Java, React, and Kubernetes

    Create and deploy standalone, fully functional, web applications using Quarkus and React Key Features • Get up and running with web application development speedily using React and Quarkus • Get an overview of how to make a Java backend work seamlessly with a JavaScript frontend • Learn how to deploy your working application to Kubernetes and share it with the world Book Description React has ... Read more

    $30.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Principles of Package Design

    Creating Reusable Software Components

    Apply design principles to your classes, preparing them for reuse. You will use package design principles to create packages that are just right in terms of cohesion and coupling, and are user- and maintainer-friendly at the same time.The first part of this book walks you through the five SOLID principles that will help you improve the design of your classes. The second part introduces you to the ... Read more

    $62.99 USD

  • Web Design

    The Nation's Most Distinguished Web Design Handbook On Web Design For Dummies, Affordable Web Design, Web Design Software, Web Design Services and More With This Web Design Source Book

    If you're looking to get more traffic to your sites then you must read this book on how to get web traffic that will skyrocket your business, simple secrets for getting targeted web traffic, what you must know about getting free web traffic, web traffic super highway top traffic building strategies and more. ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • SQL: A Beginner's Guide, Fourth Edition

    by Andy Oppel ...
    Series series Beginner's Guide
    This fully revised, self-paced learning tool lays out all the necessary steps to quickly and easily start writing SQL programsThoroughly updated to reflect the most recent ANSI/ISO standard, SQL: A Beginner's Guide, Fourth Edition will get you up-and-running with SQL programming right away. Clear tutorials, annotated code, and proven instructional tools guide you to easily performing queries and ... Read more

    $25.99 USD

  • Design Sprint

    A Practical Guidebook for Building Great Digital Products

    With more than 500 new apps entering the market every day, what does it take to build a successful digital product? You can greatly reduce your risk of failure with design sprints, a process that enables your team to prototype and test a digital product idea within a week. This practical guide shows you exactly what a design sprint involves and how you can incorporate the process into your ... Read more

    $28.99 USD