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  • Longitude

    by Dava Sobel ...
    The dramatic human story of an epic scientific quest: the search for the solution of how to calculate longitude and the unlikely triumph of an English genius. With a Foreword by Neil Armstrong.‘Sobel has done the impossible and made horology sexy – no mean feat’ New ScientistAnyone alive in the 18th century would have known that ‘the longitude problem’ was the thorniest scientific dilemma of the ... Read more

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    WHO IS MR.W?Dennis Irwin Weichman (MR. W) holds a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in mathematics from the University of Western Ontario. His series of Math Study Guides capture his teaching methodology best practices from 30 years as a high school teacher and 20 years as a private math tutor.It all started with the idea of simplifying the process of teaching math using a step by step approach. ... Read more

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  • The Little Book of Mathematical Principles, Theories & Things

    This little book makes serious math simple—with more than 120 laws, theorems, paradoxes, and more explained in jargon-free terms.The Little Book of Mathematical Principles provides simple, clear explanations for the principles, equations, paradoxes, laws, and theorems that form the basis of modern mathematics. It is a refreshingly engaging tour of Fibonacci numbers, Euclid's Elements, and Zeno's ... Read more

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  • Why Is It So Hard To Learn Math?

    by Richard Porr ...
    If you are having difficulty learning math, you already know you are not alone. Many people struggle with math. In fact, it is the one discipline in which low grades and low performance are almost universally acceptable because they are so common. For example, a parent is more likely to excuse a lower report card grade in math than in any other subject because that parent probably got lower grades ... Read more

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  • The Secret Strategy For Learning Math: The One Thing You Must Understand

    by Richard Porr ...
    Aristotle wrote, "Well begun is half done." This is especially true for anyone struggling with learning math. Math is a different kind of subject from all the rest and requires that you understand the differences. If you don't, you will give up too soon and never master math. If you know the secret strategy and apply it from the beginning, you stand a better chance of developing good habits and a ... Read more

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  • Big Bang

    by Simon Singh ...
    The bestselling author of Fermat’s Last Theorem and The Code Book tells the story of the brilliant minds that deciphered the mysteries of the Big Bang. A fascinating exploration of the ultimate question: how was our universe created?Albert Einstein once said: ‘The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.’ Simon Singh believes geniuses like Einstein are not the ... Read more

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  • Vedic Mathematics Made Easy

    by Dhaval Bathia ...
    Can you multiply 4721 by 3908 and get the answer in a single line ?Can you find the cube root of 262144 or 704969 in just 2 seconds ?Can you find a person’s birth-date without him telling you ?Can you find out how much money a person has without him telling you ?Can you solve squares, square roots, Algebra and Geometry questions in a jiffy ?!All such amazing techniques are mentioned in this book ... Read more

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  • What We Cannot Know: Explorations at the Edge of Knowledge

    ‘Brilliant and fascinating. No one is better at making the recondite accessible and exciting’ Bill BrysonBritain’s most famous mathematician takes us to the edge of knowledge to show us what we cannot know.Is the universe infinite?Do we know what happened before the Big Bang?Where is human consciousness located in the brain?And are there more undiscovered particles out there, beyond the Higgs ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Help Your Kids with Maths, Ages 10-16 (Key Stages 3-4)

    A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide, Revision and Reference

    If you find maths mindboggling, then you can count on this ultimate home-study guide to get all the answers you need.This visual reference book gets you ready to help your children tackle the trickiest of subjects. From algebra and angles to sequences and statistics -and everything in between - Carol Vorderman's unique study companion sums it all up.Help Your Kids with Maths encourages parents and ... Read more

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  • Innumeracy

    Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences

    Why do even well-educated people often understand so little about maths - or take a perverse pride in not being a 'numbers person'?In his now-classic book Innumeracy, John Allen Paulos answers questions such as: Why is following the stock market exactly like flipping a coin? How big is a trillion? How fast does human hair grow in mph? Can you calculate the chances that a party includes two people ... Read more

    $15.99 AUD

  • Let's Play Math Sampler

    Playful Math Singles

    series Playful Math Singles
    Do you want your children to enjoy learning math?Teach them how to play!In excerpts from author Denise Gaskins's most popular books, the Let's Play Math Sampler features ten kid-tested games covering math concepts from counting to prealgebra.Math games meet children each at their own level. The child who sits at the head of the class can solidify skills. The child who lags behind grade level can ... Read more


  • Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead and Live Without Barriers

    by Jo Boaler ...
    When we learn, we change what we believe and how we interact with the world. This changes who we are as people and what we can achieve.Many people grow up being told they are ‘not a maths person’ or perhaps ‘not smart’. They come to believe their potential is limited.Now, however, the latest science has revealed that our identities are constantly in flux; when we learn new things, we can change ... Read more

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  • Algebra: A Complete Introduction

    The Easy Way to Learn Algebra

    by Hugh Neill ...
    Algebra: A Complete Introduction is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use introduction to using Algebra.Written by a leading expert, this book will help you if you are studying for an important exam or essay, or if you simply want to improve your knowledge.The book covers all the key areas of algebra including elementary operations, linear equations, formulae, simultaneous equations, quadratic ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Music of the Primes: Why an unsolved problem in mathematics matters (Text Only)

    (This ebook contains a limited number of illustrations.)The ebook of the critically-acclaimed popular science book by a writer who is fast becoming a celebrity mathematician.Prime numbers are the very atoms of arithmetic. They also embody one of the most tantalising enigmas in the pursuit of human knowledge. How can one predict when the next prime number will occur? Is there a formula which could ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry (Text Only)

    This new ebook from the author of 'The Music of the Primes' combines a personal insight into the mind of a working mathematician with the story of one of the biggest adventures in mathematics: the search for symmetry.This is the story of how humankind has come to its understanding of the bizarre world of symmetry – a subject of fundamental significance to the way we interpret the world around us ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Practically Cheating Statistics Handbook, The Sequel! (2nd Edition)

    by S. Deviant ...
    "The Simplest way to ace Statistics." Are you taking a statistics class right now or very soon?I wrote the Practically Cheating Statistics Handbook so you don't have to struggle anymore. I've been giving my own students this material since I started teaching, and the students who use it never fail, and their average grade is one or two letter grades higher than other students in the same class ... Read more

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  • 1s Upon A Time

    by Richard Kerr ...
    For those who hate numbers; and those who like them. Are numbers weird, annoying things that don't mean much? And where did they come from anyway? We don't learn the history of numbers in Math class. This gives them an unreal image that confuses a lot of people. But they came from somewhere for a reason and it helps to know where. This is a short article about the invention of 1, long, long ago. ... Read more


  • Calculus Fundamentals Explained

    This textbook is written for everyone who has experienced challenges learning Calculus. This book really teaches you, helps you understand and master Calculus through clear and meaningful explanations of all the ideas, concepts, problems and procedures of Calculus, effective problem solving skills and strategies, fully worked problems with complete, step-by-step explanations. ... Read more

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  • The Numeracy Test Workbook

    Everything You Need for a Successful Programme of Self Study Including Quick Tests and Full-length Realistic Mock-ups

    by Mike Bryon ...
    series Testing Series
    Numeracy, or numerical reasoning tests are one of the most common types of psychometric tests used in assessment and selection procedures, and now with increased competition for jobs and placements it has never been more important to excel in them.This second edition of The Numeracy Test Workbook includes over 1000 questions and is the perfect starting point if you lack practice or confidence. It ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • Middle (Junior High) School ‘Grades 6, 7 & 8 - Math – Fractions, Percentages and Ratio – Ages 11-14’ eBook

    Fractions, percentages and ratio introduces the student to fractions, their representation and their arithmetic, percentages, their representation and their conversion to or from fractions or decimals, as well as ratio, its representation and arithmetic manipulation using ratio.This eBook is part of our range of Grades 6, 7 & 8 math eBooks that are aligned with the North American math curriculum ... Read more

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  • Middle (Junior High) School ‘Grades 6, 7 & 8 – Math – Measures and Measurement – Ages 11-14’ eBook

    This eBook introduces the subject of measures and measurement, and looks at both metric and imperial units of measurement, the process and accuracy of reading scales, limits on the accuracy of measurements and compound measurements.This eBook is part of our range of Grades 6, 7 & 8 math eBooks that are aligned with the North American math curriculum.Our Grades 6, 7 & 8 math eBooks comprise three ... Read more

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  • Learn the Multiplication Tables

    series Grade 3 Math
    This book allows the student to hone memory recall of the full multiplication tables. Select a multiplication pair, recall the product, and check your answer. Vary your selection to test and reinforce your knowledge.Easily navigate the links to each answer provided in a large, bold representation to reinforce memory. Then return to the times table to select another. Most appropriate for 3rd grade ... Read more

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  • Linear Equation Practice in Elementary Algebra, Grades 6-8

    Practice solving linear equations with these fifty problems in elementary algebra. The student selects a single variable linear equation, solves for the variable, and checks the answer by viewing the step-by-step solution. Links allow navigation from the problem list to the answer, and back to the list.Instead of merely viewing an answer, seeing the steps made to solve a problem can often enhance ... Read more

    $2.48 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Secondary School ‘KS3 (Key Stage 3) - Maths – Algebra– Ages 11-14’ eBook

    This eBook introduces the subject of algebra to the student encompassing, inverse operators, equations, the order of precedence, algebraic conventions, BODMAS, expressions, formulae, factorising, rearranging and solving linear, quadratic and simultaneous equations as well as inequalities.This eBook is part of our range of Key Stage 3 (KS3) maths eBooks that are fully aligned with the UK ... Read more

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