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Vision eBooks

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  • Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever

    by Dave Asprey ...
    From the creator of Bulletproof coffee and the bestselling author of Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet comes a plan to bypass plateaus and ‘up’ your game at every age.Dave Asprey suffered countless symptoms of ageing as a young man, which sparked a lifelong burning desire to grow younger with each birthday. For more than twenty years, he has been on a quest to find innovative, science-backed ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • Healing with the Universe, Meditation, and Prayer

    The Masters of the Spirit World hear our cry for help. Channeled by Toni Ann Winninger, they explain how we may elicit the aid of the universal god-force, use our own healing power, benefit from various healing modalities, and harness meditation and prayer to aid us. They comment on prayers used currently by world religions, and explain the basis for effective prayer both for ourselves and others. ... Read more

    $2.49 AUD

  • Perfect Sight Without Glasses

    The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses

    series Health Books Project
    Do you read imperfectly? Can you observe then that when you look at the first word, or the first letter, of a sentence you do not see best where you are looking; that you see other words, or other letters, just as well as or better than the one you are looking at? Do you observe also that the harder you try to see the worse you see?Now close your eyes and rest them, remembering some color, like ... Read more

    $8.17 AUD

  • The Secret of Perfect Vision

    How You Can Prevent or Reverse Nearsightedness

    A revolutionary guide to treating nearsightedness and achieving optimal vision health through exercises that strengthen the eye musclesAuthor David De Angelis’s search for a cure for nearsightedness was both professional and personal, since he suffered from the disease himself. An expert in muscular work dynamics, he discovered through extensive testing and an immersion in decades of scientific ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • See to Play

    In the competitive world, conditioning is everything. Athletes who can get an edge have a better chance of moving up the ladder to more and more elite levels of play. But one aspect of conditioning that is often overlooked is vision. Ignored or undetected problems in the visual system have stopped many athletes' progress before making it to the professionalor even collegelevels and has even ended ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Heal Your Dry Eyes

    Nutrition & Recipes

    Have you ever had symptoms such as your eyes burning, itching, or feeling like there are grains of sand in them? Are your eyes chronically red or irritated eyes? Perhaps your eyes “water” all the time. One very common cause of these symptoms is a condition known as dry eye!Heal Your Dry Eyes: Nutrition & Recipes is a guidebook to help you navigate your way to moist, comfortable eyes. Dry eyes have ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD

  • Melodie's Secret Book of the Fey, Charms and Spells

    by Cuger Brant ...
    A gentle guide to magic for; goodness, love, and positive feeling to help you in life.A warning from Melodie: If you use this book for evil, then evil will beget you.This book is not a book of black magic or curse; neither is it a book of satanic hate. It is a book of light and healing, spiritual awareness, and love. It is a book of goodness and well-being.But as in all things, there are opposites ... Read more

    $2.62 AUD

  • Exercise Your Eyes Back To Perfect Vision

    Scientifically proven eye exercises that will help restore your vision

    Just as you can exercise your body to shape, did you know that you can also exercise your eyes back to a state of perfect vision?You may not know, but research has proved that certain routine eye exercises can cure various common eye problems without prescription glasses, medications or surgery. Yes, you read right!Eye conditions such as Myopia, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, ... Read more

    $7.32 AUD

  • Patient H69

    The Story of My Second Sight

    Imagine how it would feel to one day wake up and find your vision descending swiftly into darkness. Your fingertips are turning numb, and, as the world closes in around you, you realise there is nothing you can do to stop it. This is what happened to Vanessa Potter.In the space of 72 hours, Vanessa went from juggling a high-flying career as a producer and caring for her two small children to being ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can, Too!

    Your guide to improving your vision, higher energy levels, and longer life

    by Alan McClain ...
    How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can, Too! empowers you to: Learn how you can turn back the early stages of macular degeneration with a daily regimen of healthy foods, exercise and quality rest, selected supplemental vitamins, and amber sunglasses -- affordable and easy! Feel great every day with more energy, better vision, and a very positive view on life!  See how ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • In Focus: Vision, Mind & Body

    Most optometrists will tell you glasses can help your eyesight and leave it at that.Dr. Michael Christian on the other hand considers vision in a more connected and dynamic manner. He has pioneered glasses that can also improve posture, balance and movement, even the clarity of your thoughts and intentions. As the inventor of Quantum Ophthalmic Optics (QOO), he has applied quantum physics and ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • The Eye Floater Solution

    by Chantal Romy ...
    Help is here if you suffer from eye floaters thanks to this simple but effective, six-step process. It took over four years for the author to discover the solution to removing floaters from her life. The result is a much happier life.The key is what author Chantal Romy refers to as the 'secret weapon,' an incredibly easy-to-apply solution for nagging eye floaters. There are few things as ... Read more

    $7.83 AUD

  • How To Cleanse & Nourish Your Eyes

    We all know that the secret to a healthy body, is a well-balanced diet and daily exercise. But did you know that a nutrient rich diet can help cleanse and nourish your eyes? Yup! It can prevent and even help cure certain eye conditions. In this guide you'll find out the real factors that are causing poor vision and what you can do to help cleanse your eyes.Also you'll discover some of the common ... Read more

    $7.32 AUD

  • Energetic EyeHealing

    No Exercise Way of Improving Vision

    Just as a blood test or an X-ray reveals functional reasons for health difficulties, information about the eye conditions can be decoded. There is a personal approach for each eye disorder. There is a deeper meaning for lowered eyesight, and eye diseases. These are deeply linked to the problems that show up in our lives. A disturbance in vision points to survival perceiving. Optometric vision ... Read more

    $14.66 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Restoring Your Eyesight

    A Taoist Approach

    by Doug Marsh ...
    A holistic guide to improving one’s vision both physically and spiritually• Explains how blurred vision is a reflection of other imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit• Offers natural methods for improvement of poor eyesight and stress-related difficulties, including dyslexia and ADHD• Combines the core values of the Bates method of natural vision improvement and TaoismFewer than three percent ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD

  • New Light on the Eyes - Revolutionary and scientific discoveries wich indicate extensive reform and reduction in the prescription of glasses and radical improvement in the treatment of disease such as cataract and glaucoma

    Today, millions of men, women, and children, throughout the World, depend upon glasses. To the very many who ask, as did the Author thirty years ago, when he too was very shortsighted, `need such things be?' this book is of outstanding interest.Written in simple words for the laity, who are entitled to an understanding of their eyes, this book is also of profound importance to the ophthalmic and ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Oculopathy

    Disproves the orthodox and theoretical bases upon which glasses are so freely prescribed, and puts forward natural remedial methods of treatment for what are sometimes termed incurable visual defects

    The theory that longsight, shortsight, and astigmatism are incurable visual defects, even though they have developed in eyes which were normal at birth, has been maintained for a century — and has been, and still is, the basis upon which glasses are universally prescribed for young and old alike. Text books in many languages affirm that adjustment of the focus of the eyes depends solely upon the ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing

    Book 4 - Natural Vision & Eye Care
    Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing is a comprehensive guide to the science and art of healing cataracts naturally, using nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and light therapy. This book has been useful to support successful self-healing, as well as being a useful reference guide for caregivers, healers and holistic physicians.Dr. Swartwout shares three decades of ... Read more

    $14.09 AUD

  • A Personal Account of Cataract Surgery

    by Paul Stevens ...
    series Steve's Health Before Wealth!
    Well, I've had two cataract operations, one in each eye by different procedures, and here is my story.For those of you that have surgery coming up, this article is your friend. It's from a patient's perspective.[Article - 2000 words - 4 pages] ... Read more

    $6.75 AUD

  • Navigating Life with Low Vision: Adjusting and Coping with Vision Loss

    by Tracy Stine ...
    So you have been diagnosed with Low Vision and don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. I have been Deaf and legally blind with low vision since birth. What better place to learn than from someone who’s had 40+ years of living with it?Most of the advice and tricks in this e-book is “tried and true” as I’ve discovered these or have used these myself. I think there’s no better ... Read more

    $3.79 AUD

  • The Big Book of Family Eye Care

    A Contemporary Reference for Vision and Eye Care

    A reader-friendly guide to how eyes function, common and serious eye problems, the best options for vision maintenance, and easy ways to preserve eye health. ... Read more

    $23.99 AUD

  • User's Guide to Eye Health Supplements

    Learn All about the Nutritional Supplements That Can Save Your Vision

    by Bill Sardi ...
    series Basic Health Publications User's Guide
    Cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration are the most common vision-threatening eye diseases. Both interfere with vision and many lead to blindness. Yet many natural supplements such as lutein and zeaxanthin, play normal roles in protecting the eyes. This User's Guide to Eye Health Supplements explains how these and other nutrients can reduce your risk of eye disease. ... Read more

    $7.99 AUD

  • Healthy Vision

    Prevent and Reverse Eye Disease through Better Nutrition

    by Neal Adams ...
    More than 180 million Americans have a problem with their vision. Most believe there's not much they can do on their own to change how much (or how little) they see. Now there is hope. In the past decade, an overwhelming number of clinical studies have shown that eating specific nutrients can help maintain vision well into old age, alleviate eye conditions, and even reverse the progress of ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Vitrectomy Survival Guide

    How to manage your body, mind, and life while face-down

    by Rabee Alwan ...
    This book is a must-have for people that will undergo or are currently recovering from a vitrectomy surgery—especially those that had a retinal detachment—and, as a result, are required to maintain a face-down position. It is also recommended for support persons and healthcare providers that are caring for vitrectomy patients.If you're a patientYou will gain an understanding of the overall ... Read more

    $10.99 AUD