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Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Getting surreal with Samantha Irby

Nathan spoke with essayist and comedian Samantha Irby, author of Quietly Hostile and screenwriter for the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That...

New eBooks and Audiobooks

73 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out June 27 – July 10, 2023

New thrillers by James Patterson and Steve Berry, summering with the Kennedys, a pair of true crime anthologies, and BTS goes Beyond The Story.

Big Ideas in Books

Duly noted: do we learn better through handwriting or typing?

Studies of handwriting vs. typing as competing methods of notetaking have revealed significant differences in how each method impacts learning outcomes.

Author Interviews

Looking ahead with Harrison Mooney, author of Invisible Boy

We spoke with Harrison Mooney and his partner Toni after awarding him the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Nonfiction for his memoir Invisible Boy.

Author Interviews

Touching greatness with K.S. Covert, author of The Petting Zoos

We spoke with K. S. Covert right after she learned that she'd won the 2023 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Speculative Fiction for The Petting Zoos.

Author Interviews

Getting serious with Erica McKeen, author of Tear

We interviewed Erica McKeen, winner of the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Literary Fiction, about setting out to write her debut novel Tear.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

43 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out June 20 – 26, 2023

Ruth Ware's Zero Day, a lost bookshop and a glass château, a summer slasher LARP turns deadly, and Marie Force unleashes a hurricane.

Recommended Reading

Silly, funny graphic novels for kids who love Diary of a Wimpy Kid

These graphic novel series are guaranteed to be big hits with middle-grade kids seeking silliness, adventure, jokes—even some magic and mystery.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Ritu Bhasin on the good, the bad, and belonging

Michael spoke with Rithu Bhasin, author of We’ve Got This, a book about building a culture where everyone feels welcome to show up with their whole self.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

54 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out June 13 – 19, 2023

Big ideas on sex, belonging, marriage, death (and beyond), plus a James Patterson Russian thriller, an interplanetary love story, and the power of birding.

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