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Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Jackie Lau on writing romance, fake dating, and Asian representation

From the Kobo Writing Life Podcast: Jackie Lau is a geophysicist turned romance author whose works include The Unmatchmakers and Not Your Valentine.

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The best mystery and thriller novels of 2022

From cozy mysteries to suspenseful psychological thrillers, these novels are the ultimate page-turners of 2022.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

48 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out February 7 – 13, 2023

Harold Fry returns, the 5 sex talks you need to have, funny books about friendship, how to make big plans better, and an irreverent study of Black horror.

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Best books of 2022 by Black authors

Across a variety of genres, these are our picks for the best books of 2022 by Black authors. You'll definitely want to add these to your 2023 to-read list.

Author Interviews

Carolyn Huynh, author of The Fortunes of Jaded Women

Carolyn Huynh is the author of The Fortunes of Jaded Women. Her writing focuses on her mother’s tall tales, superstitions, the diaspora, and memory.

Author Interviews

Zakiya Dalila Harris, author of The Other Black Girl

Zakiya Dalila Harris is the author of the instant New York Times Bestseller The Other Black Girl. She lives in Brooklyn.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

47 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out January 31 – February 6, 2023

James Patterson talks to cops, Pamela Anderson tells her side, a Booker-winning novel is finally available, and a former monk guides you to love.

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Books for fans of The Last of Us

For The Last of Us fans seeking more post-apocalyptic stories, here are some of the best books in which humanity staggers on after facing near-extinction.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

CS Richardson on writing with all the colour in the world

Michael spoke with novelist and book designer CS Richardson about his new novel, All the Colour in the World.

Kobo Staff Picks

The best business books for designers

Kobo's talented team of designers share the best business books they read in 2022.

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