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Author Interviews

Margaret DeRosia, author of Eight Strings

Margaret DeRosia is a writer, editor, and historian originally from Michigan. Eight Strings, her debut novel, was an instant national bestseller.

Author Interviews

Julia Bartz, author of The Writing Retreat

Julia Bartz is the New York Times bestselling author of The Writing Retreat, a practicing therapist, and a creative coach.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Ore Agbaje-Williams on writing a character who says it all out loud

Nathan spoke with editor and debut novelist Ore Agbaje-Williams about her new comic novel, The Three of Us.

Kobo Staff Picks

The best books Kobo read in May 2023

Kobo staffers share the eBooks and audiobooks they loved in May.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

39 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out May 30 – June 5, 2023

Patterson & DuBois' Cross & Sampson thriller, Martha Wells' Witch King, help with living your best non-binary life, and truth-telling from Michelle Good.

Recommended Reading

Audiobooks for family road trips

Audiobooks for every family that’ll keep passengers of all ages entertained while passing time on the road together.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

51 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out May 23 – 29, 2023

The new novel by Brandon Taylor, a terrifying Nora Roberts thriller, a biography of the Shakur family, and a study of K-Beauty.

Recommended Reading

Hear stories from the past in historical fiction audiobooks

With these historical fiction audiobooks, listen to stories set in the past, with characters who don't know what history has in store for them.

Recommended Reading

8 mysteries from around the world

Crime fiction of every kind set in locales around the world.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Carley Fortune on summer love and second chances

Michael spoke with romance novelist Carley Fortune, author of the 2022 breakout bestseller Every Summer After, and the new book Meet Me at the Lake.

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